18 Mar 2023  |   06:08am IST

Women: Our Superheroes

Elma D’Mello

Women are significant in this world, whether we accept it or not. 


Simply because without her, the existence of others wouldn't have taken place.

It's quite disappointing that we perceive women mostly for their appearance and overlook their capabilities. She is easily judged and body shamed as well.

The achievement of a woman can be beyond imagination through all the hardships endured. Her tolerance-free attitude keeps her going no matter the challenges. 

She still manages to keep the smile on her face and hide away all the pain within.

Women have been highly instrumental and inspirational in the development of the world around us. With their contributions, women are creating history in different fields. 

She is no longer restricted to household chores. With her enterprising personality and multi-tasking skills, we have witnessed the evolution of women.

They have been indirect contributors to the success of men. Her support rendered to as a mom, daughter, sister, and wife to her children, husband, and parents so that they experience a comfortable life is commendable.

She has single-handedly looked after her parents while balancing her professional and married life, taking care of her in-laws, children, and husband. For all this and more, her efforts have, to some extent, been taken for granted and underrated.

They have essayed diverse roles irrespective of the gender discrimination they've been put with at times.

Women today have their own voice in areas where they have been key decision-makers. Once they've decided to accomplish something, they're simply unstoppable with their go-getter spirit.

Over the years, women have broken many stereotypes and have been achievers from different walks of life.

Our society at large today has accepted women as they are with the choices they make. The way in which a woman wishes to dress has been accepted as her freedom of expression.

She comes across as opinionated, wherein she's no longer a victim of exploitation, be it at the workplace or in her journey of marriage. Though for some, the struggle still continues. With time, this turbulent phase shall pass soon.

Women have been shining all over the world with their spark and leadership mindset. They have come a long way from fulfilling educational goals to becoming financially independent.

Gender pay parity somehow still exists, which needs a more comprehensive understanding so that it's free from discrimination.

In the work domain, women have created a niche for themselves in spite of male dominance. As has been observed, many women have been successful founders and CEOs of various brands that are well established.

Many female entrepreneurs have emerged and led the way. This has inspired other women and made a difference.

Over the past few decades, the birth of a girl has had a different perspective. Today that perspective has changed; the birth of a girl child is celebrated.

May each family nurture the daughters in their families so that they may flourish with dignity and grace. When a woman is around, we are surrounded by her compassion.

With the encouragement of equal opportunities provided to women, we will be on the path to a bright and secured future.

A grand salute to the superheroes of our society and the world for their indomitable spirit. We are proud of their achievements and respect them for the thousands of sacrifices they have made.