04 May 2021  |   05:18am IST

You too can be a 'COVID warrior'!

You too can be  a 'COVID warrior'!

Kashyap Bandodkar

The ominous 'three' headed hydra ('triple' mutation, if you will) has gripped our country with her serpentine limbs. Akin to the mythological demon, when one head is cut, two regenerate, new mutations, new worries, the surge doesn't seem to diminish in momentum. While Hercules seems to be taking an eternity to execute his second labour, the herculean task in the war against Covid intensifies.

The second 'wave' as it has been referred to is reaching Olympian heights everyday. The comfort and shroud of anonymity of daily numerical statistics has now been shattered, with numbers turning into names of loved ones. The medical infrastructure has been exhausted and stretched, doctors, nurses, support staff overworked but still giving their best, living up to the Oath of Hippocrates. Some of us have the luxury of being locked up in our homes to shield ourselves, but, to a large population that literally and metaphorically lives a 'hand to mouth existence', this concept remains a utopian fantasy or rather a cruel joke. Irrespective of which side of the fence we fall, we have an individual responsibility in the fight against Covid.

What can we as citizens do to augment the efforts against the virus?

Take the vaccine!: All eligible need to get vaccinated on a war-footing. If in doubt, consult your doctor. It has been shown that the vaccines are safe, efficacious and prevent serious disease.   Don’t break home isolation: If positive or symptomatic. It is your moral responsibility, moving about can lead to you being a transmitter of the infection, putting others at risk

Respect the medical and allied staff:  The situation may be very difficult for you, but remember that doctors have to deal with hundreds of patients everyday, many of which are critical. 

Help thy neighbour!:There may be elderly/senior citizens or even home isolating patients in your vicinity. Check up on them, call, give them emotional support, offer to cook and drop off meals if you can.

If they need medicines from a pharmacy, facilitate delivery. If you are healthy, you can volunteer to be on ground and work in your area (of course, while using all protective measures such as masks)

Covid recovered patients can donate their convalescent plasma if they qualify the criteria, your plasma may save another's life. 

Stop WhatsApp University forwards!:You may mean well when you forward Covid related information, but make sure that the origin is an authentic medical source or get it verified by a doctor. Do not fall in the misinformation trap.

Do not hide your symptoms, early detection and diagnosis is key. 

Many deaths are preventable, by presenting late, not only do we lose a precious life, but we unnecessarily end up using valuable and scarce health resources.

Let's fight this monster together, I promise you, we will hug each other soon, we will breathe without a mask, but for now, let's keep the resolve, because, TOGETHER, WE, CAN.

This is an opportunity for you to step up and be a 'CoVid warrior' in your own right.


Iddhar Udhar