Herald: 20% of extracted ore came after SC order quashing second renewals
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20% of extracted ore came after SC order quashing second renewals

13 Mar 2018 05:38am IST
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13 Mar 2018 05:38am IST

2 million tonnes extracted between Feb 7 and March 11; Ore production for financial year 2017-18 is 10.41 million tonnes as on date

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PANJIM: Almost 20 percent of the permitted iron ore production was extracted after the Supreme Court order dated February 7, reveals data available with the Directorate of Mines and Geology (DMG). The working mines were involved in extraction of 2 million tonnes of ore between February 7 and March 11. 

Ore production for the financial year 2017-18 stands at 10.41 million tonnes as on date. The production period is restricted to only eight months of the year that is from April-May, October- December 2017 to January- March 2018. 

Supreme Court in its order quashed second renewals of 88 mining leases while directing them to stop operations after March 15. 

As per DMG information, of the 88 leases, 32 leases were amalgamated into 12 leases (lease holders) as they were located adjacent to each other and had common Environment Clearances (EC).  Post amalgamation, there were 68 leases.

Currently there are 37 working leases and 31 are non-working. The total extraction quota of the working mines was 20 million tonnes. 

From February 7 till March 11, the total production was around two million tonnes with a daily production limit between 0.01 million tonnes to 0.12 million tonnes.  The total number of leases extracting ore during the period also varies from 16 leases on February 7 down to three leases on March 11. On the day the SC judgment was pronounced, production was 0.05 million tonnes, which picked up on February 8 to 0.07 million tonnes and to 0.12 million tonnes on February 9.  However, it thereafter declined to 0.09 million tonnes and 0.04 million tonnes on the subsequent days. The trend continued thereafter. 

The lowest production was reported on February 21, when the miners extracted only 0.01 million tonnes of ore.


Delegation of various associations meet D’Souza

MAPUSA: A delegation headed by MLA Nilesh Cabral, consisting of officials of Goa Customs Brokers Association, Shipping Agent, Goa Barge Association, Goa Shipyard, Launch Owners Association, Mining Employees, North and South Goa Truck Associations and other dependent on mining industry met Urban Development Minister Francis D’Souza on Monday to seek his support to continue mining. The delegation requested him that the council of three ministers which is has been given authority to take decision in the absence of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, to seek the CM’s permission to take steps on the Supreme Court decision of banning mining from March 15 onwards.  “The mining season is from October to May and many have borrowed money from market and have repaired their machineries for the season. However, the Goa government must approach the Supreme Court and explain the mining situation in Goa,” Raymond D’Sa of Goa Barge Owners Association, said.  

Mormugao port have 2500 employees and more 5000 employees are on pension, barge owners have 3500 workers, truck association have 12 members and there are many more. Directly 60,000 and indirectly over 2 lakh people are dependent on mining industry and if mining is stopped then all these people will be unemployed, he added.

Let mining continue till the end of season and ban. We want the government to file a petition to permit us to continue with mining, otherwise let the government carry on with mining, he said.

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