Herald: Activists want SGPDA, Margao land use plans scrapped
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Activists want SGPDA, Margao land use plans scrapped

16 May 2018 05:19am IST
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16 May 2018 05:19am IST

Accuse PDA of following arbitrary procedures and of being involved in the regularisation of illegal houses in Margao and Fatorda

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MARGAO: Activists from Margao and Fatorda have demanded scrapping of the South Goa Planning and Development Authority and Margao land use plans if they there is no people’s participation in preparing the plans. 

They alleged that the PDA is following arbitrary procedures and accused it of being involved in the regularisation of illegal houses in Margao and Fatorda. 

The members at the press briefing alleged that the SGPDA has failed to ensure proper planning and regulated development throughout the town. "It is time that the TCP department scraps all the PDAs and brings the whole of Goa into the RP planning through the people’s participation," Adv Avinash Tavares said. 

"The SGPDA has failed to curtail illegal land filling, hill cutting and illegal construction throughout the town. The Chairperson and members of the SGPDA board are a bunch of political appointees, who have no expertise in urban development," Tavares alleged. 

"Recently, the board put up the draft land use plan and land use register for public scrutiny. Both these documents were not prepared as per the format prescribed in the TCP Act. We also suspect a scam in the tender awarded to Turbosketch, the company that prepared the land use plan," Sanjiv Raiturkar charged. 

"We had put forth the objection stating that a ward-wise door-to-door inspection has to be conducted to prepare the land use plan and register. However, the SGPDA has not done this. Instead they, without issuing any public notice, extended the deadline for submitting objections and instructed the councillors to submit their objections. All this is farce and eyewash," the activists alleged. 

The residents claim that there is a lot of corruption going on in the SGPDA. The purpose of the Board is to change zone for a price. They serve no purpose for development or planning of the town. The residents have demanded that Margao be removed from the SGPDA and be brought under TCP Department. 

"Let all the duties of planning and preparation of development plan be conducted by the local body that is the Margao Municipality with the technical support of TCP. This is in line with the 74th amendment of the Constitution," the activists added.

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