Herald: After Colva, Benaulim, now Margao hit by power cuts

After Colva, Benaulim, now Margao hit by power cuts

16 May 2018 05:03am IST
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16 May 2018 05:03am IST

Officials say the line at Xeldem was faulty due to which there was a disruption in the supply

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MARGAO: With the recent power failures in South Goa villages of Colva and Benaulim, Margao residents on Tuesday too had to bear the brunt of frequent power cuts.

The residents in commercial capital were affected on account of a breakdown in the Xeldem feeder which led to constant disruptions in power supply for almost five-six hours. 

When contacted, the officials informed that the line at Xeldem was faulty due to which there was a disruption in the supply. The officials later revealed that 2 lines at Xeldem need urgent replacement. 

Chief Engineer of South Goa Jose D'Mello said, "The problem of Colva is that there are two underground cables supplying power from Verna and one of them is faulty. There are also two overhead lines supplying to Benaulim and other areas. The staff committed an error by putting the entire load on a single line, which worsened the situation and delayed restoration". 

Power department sources revealed that situation is bound to continue throughout the monsoons on account of administrative issues in the functioning of the entire department.  It was also revealed not just power cuts, the power department is facing a staff crunch and the department also lacks the basic equipment to solve minor problems. It may be recalled that most wards in Colva were without electricity for two days. 

When the people questioned the department officials as to why they failed to restore power at night, they were told that there was minor problem with the line. 

"The problem was a minor one and was rectified in 3 minutes. But we had complained at around 12 am and the staff rectified the same at 4 am. This is frustrating" complained Judith Almeida, Convenor of Colva Civic and Consumer Forum. 

"Power does not even last for 1 hour and we have to bear the brunt all day and night," said Judith. 

The officials informed that that there a lone service van to cater to the areas of Colva Gandaulim, Seraulim and Sernabatim. 

What has irked the residents is that the electricity department officials have failed to respond to people’s complaints. 

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