Herald: Aldona locals object to mobile carts stationed at one place
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Aldona locals object to mobile carts stationed at one place

16 Apr 2018 05:46am IST
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16 Apr 2018 05:46am IST

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MAPUSA: The Aldona gram sabha members on Sunday strongly objected to keeping the mobile carts fixed at one location. 

As soon as the meeting commenced, the villagers complained that the panchayat does not monitor whether the authorised mobile carts move around the village or permanently stationed at one place. They further complained that several mobile carts are stationed at the parking area meant for school students thereby causing them inconvenience. 

The gram sabha members demanded that panchayat take action against the mobile carts found stationed at one place.

Responding to the complaint, Sarpanch Naik informed that panchayat would check the terms of NOC issued to the carts and their feasibility of parking at one location.

Discussing on the panchayat circular on reassessing houses and commercial structures to increase house tax, the villagers demanded that the panchayat should first recover the arrears of the previous financial years and then increase house tax.

The villagers suggested that all panchayat member should visit every house in their respective wards and conduct a survey of how many people have rented out their house and how much they charge as rent. Later, the gram sabha passed a resolution permitting the panchayat to hike the house tax in 2019.

Another resolution was passed directing the panchayat to write a letter to the Goa police requesting them to set up a crime prevention educational cell to curb activities related to crimes in educational institutions. 

The villagers claimed that from drugs to sex trade, all kinds of criminal activities have reached the schools and colleges. Therefore, they said, a crime prevention education cell by the Police department is need of the hour.

A local named Charles brought to the attention of the panchayat that it issued NOC to Insignia Events to conduct film shootings at Corjuvem Fort without having the authority to do so. Charles said that the fort, being a historical monument, is under State Archaeology Department. Hence the panchayat had no authority to issue NOC.

Charles also pointed out the State archaeology department had provided permission to this company only between 9 am and 6 pm, however, the panchayat provided permission for film shooting between 6.30 pm and 5 am.

At the end, the sarpanch informed that a special gram sabha will be held on April 24 to celebrate Panchayati Raj Act Day.

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