Herald: BJP still awaiting appointment for meeting with Archbishop
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BJP still awaiting appointment for meeting with Archbishop

11 Jun 2018 05:50am IST
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11 Jun 2018 05:50am IST

Delay in granting or refusing appointment fuelling speculations

Team Herald

PANJIM: After submitting a request for an appointment with Goa Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao as part of its ‘Sampark se Samarthan’ outreach programme earlier this week, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is still waiting an appointment from Archbishop Palace, fuelling speculations.

As a part of four years of Narendra Modi government, the BJP across the country has launched ‘Sampark se Samarthan’ programme to reach out to various religious heads and other social influencers to highlight about the achievements of the ruling party. 

As a part of programme, the BJP leaders including LS MP Narendra Sawaikar and RS MP and party President Vinay Tendulkar had called on Brahmeshanand Swamji at Kundaim Tapobhumi on June 7; and are now planning to meet Archbishop. 

Speaking to Herald, Tendulkar said that they had formally written to the Archbishop Palace seeking appointment of Archbishop; however, there has been no reply till now. “We are waiting for the Archbishop to give us appointment,” he said refusing to speak anything further. 

Tendulkar said that as part of the ‘Sampark se Samarthan’ programme, they would be also meeting several religious heads, retired judges, lawyers, veteran personalities, informing them about the various initiatives of Modi-led government. 

Meanwhile, the Archbishop’s House also confirmed that they are yet to give appointment to BJP. However, they also declined to comment on whether the appointment will be granted or not. 

Archbishop in his pastoral letter 2018-19 last week claimed that India’s Constitution was in danger. “Today, our Constitution is in danger, reason why most of the people live in insecurity,” the Archbishop has said in the letter adding that “In this context, particularly as the general elections are fast approaching, we must strive to know our Constitution better and work harder to protect it.” 

The Archbishop has said that “in recent times, we see a new trend emerging in our country, which demands uniformity in what and how we hear, dress, live and even worship: a kind of mono-culturalism. Human rights are under attack and democracy appears to be in peril.”

Ferrao has said, “The various minorities fear for their safety. In short, respect for law is frankly on the decline in this country.”

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