Herald: Caught napping, NCB, Police now keep updated on ketamine raid
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Caught napping, NCB, Police now keep updated on ketamine raid

14 Jun 2018 06:03am IST
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14 Jun 2018 06:03am IST

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PANJIM: With local authorities caught napping as Revenue Intelligence Department sleuths made one of the biggest drug seizures from an industrial unit at Pissurlem, Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) and Goa Police are now collecting information about the raid. 

A senior NCB officer said they are willing to provide assistance to the Revenue Intelligence Team subject to the latter seeking an intervention. “Both departments are empowered agencies in tackling drug menace. The Revenue Intelligence Team are certainly carrying out an independent and thorough probe in the present raid. However, we cannot intervene unless we are approached to provide assistance. We will cooperate with the agency and provide all help required,” the NCB officer said seeking anonymity. 

NCB has also been instrumental in carrying out drug raids of huge quantum, however, the raid at Pissurlem IDC in Sattari is considered to be the biggest crackdown on the illegal trade. The Revenue Intelligence Team, in a 17-hour-long raid at the industry seized close to 100 kg raw Ketamine drugs, valued at a whopping Rs 4 crore.

Goa Police have not released any official statement in connection with the raid. Sources said the senior officers are keeping themselves updated on the matter. “Unofficially some of our senior officers have good relations with members of the Revenue Intelligence Team, and are collecting information for the purpose of record. We cannot intervene as it was an independent raid. If required we will extend our support to the investigation team,” said a police officer.

The Police Department and the Food & Drugs Administration have, however, come under scathing attack for not having stumbled upon the massive illegality on government property. 

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