Herald: Change tender to asphalt Chandor road or face rasta roko: MLA

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Change tender to asphalt Chandor road or face rasta roko: MLA

17 Apr 2018 05:23am IST
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17 Apr 2018 05:23am IST

Team Herald

MARGAO: Congress MLA Clafasio Dias on Monday threatened to take to the streets and even warned of a rasta roko if the tender to asphalt a road in Chandor is not changed within the next 15 days.

Chandor villagers met him and had a lengthy discussion over the tender titled “widening and asphalting the State Highway 8” with the locals demanding the dropping the SH8.

They argued that never before was a tender issued naming the road as SH 8 and further questioned how another road, which is a major district road whose repairs are included in the same tender, was not listed as MDR.

Clafasio pointed out to the villagers that the stretch of road was bad now and would only worsen following the monsoons. He cautioned that the affected villagers would then hold them responsible for the road not getting asphalted.

However, the villagers responded that they would sacrifice all the roads and no asphalting of any road would be undertaken in the village if the work order was going to be issued as on SH8. The villagers admitted that work on the tender started by Clafasio’s predecessor and he was not responsible for it.

Clafasio assured the villagers that he was with them and had even raised the matter in the Assembly besides writing to the PWD Minister about it. Finally, after much discussion, Clafasio said he would write to the PWD Minister and South Goa Collector to change the name of the road in the tender within 15 days failing which he threatened to launch an agitation.

“I will even stage a rasta roko if necessary,” he said, asking the villagers to be there with him when the agitation was launched. PWD Assistant Engineer Savio Gomes and Junior Engineer Subhash Gawde were present for the meeting.

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