Herald: Do something about narrow roads

Do something about narrow roads

30 Apr 2018 06:07am IST
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30 Apr 2018 06:07am IST

From Moira Church, the climb though the hilly bypass road passing through the Cube Gallery and to other wards the road is narrow barely mostly 300 to 400 metres long. 

On one portion of the side road there is no safety with a deep slope. Below the slope there are houses. 

If there is an accident on this site due to rash or negligent driving, the rider would be flung on the roof tops of houses below as there is no protective safety. 

I request the concerned authorities to take up the matter on priority basis and build a protection wall in the interest of the motoring public safety.    

Similar is the situation at the junction of Borvon-Nachinola main with about 450 metres motorable path as a result of Calvim and Corjuem bridges connectivity. 

The road is narrow on both sides there are residential houses and no scope to widen it. Since, the roadside gutter is kept open and without a slab, it causes inconvenience to the motorists, especially when two four wheelers meet each other. If the drivers or riders do not notice the open gutter they can become victims of fatalities. I request the concerned authority to cover the gutter and level the road for the motoring public’s safety.  

If the local governing bodies do not put efforts to provide safety on motorable roads how will the government reduce accidents in Goa ?

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