Herald: Electricity dept flayed for not removing poles on NH17-A
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Electricity dept flayed for not removing poles on NH17-A

30 Apr 2018 06:08am IST
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30 Apr 2018 06:08am IST
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The electricity department has been accused of shirking duty and dragging their feet on the issue of removing the poles that are now on the road, after the PWD widened the National Highway 17-A, connecting Cortalim to Chicalim junction; Residents of Sancoale and Chicalim have been demanding the removal of the poles for some time but no action has been taken yet



VASCO: The presence of electricity poles on National Highway 17-A connecting Cortalim to Chicalim junction have been posing high risk for motorists, but neither the PWD nor the electricity department is keen on doing anything about it, except point fingers at each other.

According to the information, the PWD National Highway authorities recently completed the widening work of National Highway 17A connecting Cortalim to Chicalim junction on war footing, but the electricity department failed to display much enthusiasm and have yet to shift the poles that stand on the roads after the road-widening process.

These electric poles are not only hindering traffic movement but also posing high risk to locals as well as tourists, who have been using this road after landing at Dabolim airport.

“There has been complete lack of coordination between the PWD and the electricity department in executing work. PWD National Highway has even completed re-tarring of road, but the electric poles on the shoulder of the road have not been removed and these poles now are posing high risk to lives of people,” a social activists from Vasco Preetam Keluskar said, adding that the two departments should be held responsible if   any mishap occurs.

Similar concerns were raised by the residents from Sancoale and Chicalim, as this stretch of road which is used by the locals as well as by taxis to and from Dabolim airport has become a death trap with several electric poles are yet to be removed, especially on sharp turns, though the widening work has been completed some time ago. 

In fact, the issue of non-removal of electric poles was even raised during the recently-held Sancoale panchayat gram sabha, where villagers slammed the authorities for failing to their lethargy to remove the poles.

Meanwhile, when Herald contacted Assistant Engineer PWD NH Vincent D’Souza to seek clarification on the issue, he said that he has been following up the issue with the electricity department, but they are yet to address the issue.

“Yes these poles are posing risk to the motorists and hence we had asked them to shift it on war footing. Even the new poles are yet to be shifted. I contacted electricity department officials recently and they assured that the poles would be shifted within a week. Hopefully they would do this soon,” he said.

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