Herald: Storm on horizon over Cuncolim bypass issue? issue:
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Storm on horizon over Cuncolim bypass issue? issue:

16 Apr 2018 06:00am IST
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16 Apr 2018 06:00am IST

Vijaykumar Khopre 


CUNCOLIM: The Cuncolim bypass issue is slowly taking an ugly turn and now the residents of Veroda and Belatemb have raised their voices against the government and the local representatives. 

Local MLA Clafacio Dias has assured locals that he will fight against the highway authorities if they decide to take the bypass from Veroda via Belatemb. 

“I am with Cuncolkars and the highway authorities must select bypass which people suggest. We will not tolerate any destruction on the name of bypass I will not hesitate even to resign on this issue,” Dias told people of Veroda and Belatemb. 

Villagers had earlier handed over the memorandum to the MLA, objecting proposed bypass through their locality.

VCP Shashank Dessai also said that there is no need of highway on the coast of destruction.  Government must go with the proposed alignment parallel to Konkan Railway line, he said. 

It may be recalled that some time back, during the Congress government had decided to take bypass from Sarzora to Balli Parallel to Konkan Railway line. This alignment was even highlighted in Regional Plan. 

However, now the present BJP government has identified two more alignments, which people have raised objections.

Locals have warned the government and the highway authorities not to play with their sentiments and ensure that changes are made, as per the demands of te people.

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