Herald: Committee to decide future steps on Goencho Avaaz allegations
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Committee to decide future steps on Goencho Avaaz allegations

17 May 2018 05:17am IST
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17 May 2018 05:17am IST

PANJIM: As Goencho Avaaz failed to appear before the five-member inquiry committee with documents to prove their allegations levied against 14 politicians, the committee, which is left clueless as how to go ahead, will meet shortly and deliberate on its future steps.

In the meantime, Town and Country Planning (TCP) Minister Vijai Sardesai questioned Goencho Avaaz’s silence on the discrepancies, wherein settlement zones marked in Regional Plan 2001, were shown as orchard in the 2021 plan.

Speaking to media persons post the committee meeting, member and Chief Town Planner Rajesh Naik said that taking suo-motu cognisance of the allegations made by Goencho Avaaz, a notice was issued to them to submit their reply with documents and also be present for the meeting on Wednesday.

“However, on Friday (last week) they submitted the letter with their demands and about the allegations they said that it is already in public domain and we should look into our data base. They even failed to remain present before committee today,” Naik said. 

“Hence, there is nothing before the committee at this point of time. Our scope of work was that we have to investigate into the allegations made by Goencho Avaaz, for which they had to submit us the documents. But, they failed to do so,” Naik added. 

CTP said that the committee will not meet shortly and decide on whether to go ahead by taking  suo-motu cognizance of what happened during the protest at Lohia Maidan or what other step to be taken. “We have to submit the report by June 1,” he stated. 

Earlier, pointing to the allegation made against him, Sardesai said he is ready to place on record the latest zoning certificate that shows the land is still orchard and agriculture. “Anyone can get even through RTI these documents,” he stated.

The Minister claimed that the plan has some major violations that are being looked into. “Major violation of the plan is that many areas shown as settlement in 2001 are shown as orchard in 2021. Many religious institutions that wanted to construct a church or old age home are affected due to this. I have cases pending before me. This was done under the guise of rationalisation and no one is speaking on this,” he stated.

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