Herald: Cong still hopeful in Ponda, seeks support of ‘like-minded’ councillors
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Cong still hopeful in Ponda, seeks support of ‘like-minded’ councillors

16 May 2018 05:15am IST
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16 May 2018 05:15am IST

Hopes some disgruntled councillors will ditch MGP; Refutes allegations of split

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PONDA: As the people of Ponda have given a fractured mandate at the civic polls with no political panel crossing the magic figure of 8 in the 15-member PMC to form a ruling council, various permutations and combinations are being worked out by all parties.

Thus, beside MGP- BJP, even the Congress is keen to keep its hopes alive to form a ruling Council with the help of ‘like-minded’ councillors, even as MGP with seven councillors has already decided to head the council with the backing of the BJP panel.

Though MGP and BJP leaders have declared their intentions of forming an alliance-based Council, due to new developments of two BJP councillors opposing MGP forming the ruling panel, Congress too has not lost hope.

The Congress on Tuesday said their panel was ready to support a ruling council of like-minded councillors from outside, that too without any preconditions.

The Congress-backed panel, `Ponda Citizens Progressive Forum` (PCP) President R G Desai along with its Committee members while addressing media said the three members elected on their panel Ritesh Naik, William Agiuar and Anand Naik are united and refuted rumours about split.

He said for the sake of development of Ponda, the Congress-backed PCP panel is ready to support to  council of like-minded councillors from outside if they come forward.

He said though Congress finished third with just three councillor their candidates got the highest share of 3450 votes followed by MGP’s Rising Ponda Panel with 3407 and BJP’s 3334. The other candidates got 1791votes.

The vice president Ashok Naik said they were approached by some  councillors of other panel and hoped to form a majority. If such council of like-minded people is formed it may ruine the MGP-BJP alliance dream, he said.

It appears that  by offering an outside  support the Congress is trying to lure five BJP councillors to form a ruling council so that the MGP dream would shattered.

It may be recalled that two BJP councillors Venktesh Naik and Chandrakala Naik had already decided not to support the MGP panel to form the council due to PWD allegations  during campaign.  

If the two councillors and three Congress comes together then three more like-minded councillors would still be required to form a ruling council and make the dream of the Congress-backed panel a rea;ity.

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