Herald: D-DAY on March 15: Mining, transportation to halt in Goa
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D-DAY on March 15: Mining, transportation to halt in Goa

13 Mar 2018 05:40am IST
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13 Mar 2018 05:40am IST

IBM to decide the exact time leaseholders have to stop extraction; Removal of mining machinery, movable and immovable properties in accordance with the provisions of MMDR Act 1957

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PANJIM: In a partial respite to leaseholders, Directorate of Mines and Geology (DMG) has allowed them to undertake extraction of iron ore till March 15 under supervision of the Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM). Mining activities will come to standstill from March 16 onwards as per the Supreme Court directions. 

Herald was the first to report about this possibility in its Sunday edition.

DMG, which modified its earlier order dated March 6, has also allowed transportation beyond leasehold areas till 7 pm on March 15. As per DMG’s previous 

directions, fresh extraction had to be stopped from March 13 and transportation at 6pm on March 14. 

“The Lease Holders Association met the undersigned (Director Mines) and requested that since Hon’ble Supreme Court of India’s directions of closure of mining operations etc is given to the lease holders, they may be allowed to continue their mining operations till March 15. The request was in principle agreed to by the undersigned,” Mines Director Prasanna Acharya said in the fresh order issued on Monday.

“Now therefore, in modification of earlier instructions, the lease holders are allowed to continue their mining operations of extraction till March 15 under the supervision of Regional Controller of Mines, Indian Bureau of Mines, Margao,” the order stated.

When contacted, the Director said that it is for IBM to decide as by when the leaseholders have to stop the ore extraction. Transportation of ore outside the leasehold area shall be allowed till 7 pm as transportation beyond 7 pm is not allowed in the State.

“As regards mining machinery and other movable and immovable properties of lease holders are concerned the same shall be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of MMDR Act 1957 and rules made thereunder hence earlier instructions stand modified,” Acharya said.

The leaseholders have been directed to abide by the mines safety measures beyond March 16 as issued by Directorate General of Mines Safety.

The Supreme Court in an order dated February 7 quashed second renewal of 88 mining leases while directing them to stop operations after March 15. Of the total 88 leases, 37 leases were involved in extraction of ore.

For the current financial year, the total production has been 10.41 million tonnes. 

Miners directed to adopt safety measures before closure of mines
PANJIM: Ahead of the mining ban, the Director General of Mines Safety (DGMS) has directed lease holders to adopt suitable safety measures to avoid any untoward incidents as part of the mining closure plan.
Lease holders have to put in place the safety management plan before closing down the mines on March 15 midnight.
DGMS issued the directions to all the lease holders, agents, managers of 88 mining leases, which have been quashed by the Supreme Court.
“In view of Supreme Court order, all the mine owners, agents and managers for whom the verdict is applicable, are hereby requested to take suitable safety measures as required under the Metalliferous Mines Regulations 1961 and all other applicable status as per provisions of Mines Act 1952,” DGMS has said in its order.
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