Herald: GTDC chairman blames tourists for ignoring warning

GTDC chairman blames tourists for ignoring warning

13 Jun 2018 06:16am IST
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13 Jun 2018 06:16am IST

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PANJIIM: A day after three tourists from Maharashtra drowned in the sea off Calangute, Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) expressed helplessness in stopping tourists from violating the ‘no swimming’ instructions, which leads to fatalities.

Calling Monday’s incident unfortunate, GTDC Chairman Nilesh Cabral blamed a section of the tourists for not adhering to warning signs and lifeguards’ advice. 

“We have been issuing warnings against venturing into the sea through the media but many don’t adhere to these guidelines. If we start blocking people from going to the beach, questions about why this is being done would be asked,” Cabral told reporters in response to a question about the recent downing incident. 

The MLA cited several instances wherein tourists have entered waters despite the ‘red flag’ on the beaches that indicate danger. He also slammed beach visitors for taking advantage of timings when lifeguards are off-duty. “There are instances when tourists have gone for a swim/bath during the late hours and even as early as 3 am. What can we do?” he asked. 

He added that GTDC, in association with Tourism Department and concerned stakeholders, will work out a solution to ensure such incidents do not recur. 

Cabral further said that every tourist spot has signanges advising do’s and don’ts while also mentioning that such cases do not affect Goa’s tourism. 

The drowning incident on Monday morning saw three men, including a constable from Ankola, Maharashtra washed away in the rough sea at Calangute. 

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