Herald: Goa Dairy MD, BoD get notice over ‘scams’
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Goa Dairy MD, BoD get notice over ‘scams’

14 Jun 2018 06:00am IST
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14 Jun 2018 06:00am IST

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PONDA: The Registrar of Cooperative Societies Sanjeev Gadkar has issued ‘show cause’ notices to the Board of Directors of (BoD) and Managing Director (MD) Navso Sawant of Goa Dairy over the financial loss suffered by the co-operative milk producer.

The BoD and the MD have been given fifteen days time to give their reply and explanation to the notice.

The show cause notice has been issued after Charted Accountant Yatish Vernekar, who enquired into Goa Dairy’s losses, submitted his report.

It is instructive that the farmers supplying milk to Goa Dairy had been complaining of scams in the co-operative milk producer vis-à-vis purchase of fill pack machines, machinery for ice cream and cattle-feed plants.

Subsequently, the Goa Dairy farmers, at a general body meeting, appointed a committee to enquire into the loss suffered by the milk producer. However, the committee could not proceed with the enquiry as it did not receive cooperation from the management of Goa Dairy. 

Meanwhile, welcoming issuance of show cause notice, the farmers appointed inquiry committee members have said that the notice has come too late.

“We have been demanding investigation into the loss suffered by the Goa Dairy since nine months. Now that the notice has been issued, the Registrar of Co-Operative Societies should seize the crucial documents so as to expose mismanagement in Goa Dairy,” said Jayanth Desai, a member of farmers appointed inquiry committee.

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