Herald: Govt slammed for breaching protocol at civic reception for Prez
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Govt slammed for breaching protocol at civic reception for Prez

12 Jul 2018 06:52am IST
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12 Jul 2018 06:52am IST

Dhangars say it was unexpected of CM not to accord the respect deserved by Opposition Leader

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MARGAO: The Dhangar community castigated the government for breaching protocol during the civic reception for President Ram Nath Kovind by denying the Leader of Opposition a seat on the dais. The community wondered whether that was done only because Chandrakant alias Babu Kavalekar belongs to the Dhangar community.

Briefing media persons on Wednesday, representatives of the community pointed out that the Leader of Opposition has always been given a seat on the dais for official functions and pointed out that Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has received the same privilege when he was the Leader of Opposition.

“It was unexpected of Manohar Parrikar not to accord the respect deserved by the Leader of Opposition. He should have respected the position even if he has differences with the person occupying that position,” said Nitin Patkar, who termed the act a “murder of democracy”.

The Dhangar community leaders said they were raising this issue to ensure that such breach of privilege that is aimed at slighting their community does not occur in future. They said they were not charging the government of deliberately doing it to slight a member of Dhangar community but added that it does make them wonder whether it was done because he belonged to that community.

Chandrakant Shinde said the delay in addressing the media on this topic was because they had to consult all the organizations of the community in the talukas and added that the Dhangar community is upset with the turn of events as Kavlekar takes the entire community with him.

They said they will write to the Governor and the President of India about the slight to the community by the Goa administration and hope such incidents do not repeat in future.

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