Herald: Kavlem locals express concerns over rising stray dog population
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Kavlem locals express concerns over rising stray dog population

07 Dec 2017 05:46am IST
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07 Dec 2017 05:46am IST
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Want the concerned authorities to lodge these stray canines in animal rescue centres

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PONDA: Kavlem locals have expressed serious concerns over increasing population of stray dogs along the Kavlem-Durbhat road.

The stretch, which is frequented by stray dogs, has posed a serious threat to commuters including children. 

Commuting along this stretch has turned into a nightmare for locals as these stray canines are seen moving in packs and creating nuisance.   Locals have demanded that the Kavlem Panchayat control the increasing stray dog population. 

These canines roam freely along road, turn aggressive and chase those commuting along the stretch. These stray dogs have caused a fear among the locals who have stopped their children from walking alone on this road to go to school. 

Several accidents have taken place due to the presence of strays along the road and there have been many cases of people being bitten by these canines.

Locals at Paunwada, Kavlem say there are many stray dogs at Paunwada, Donkhab on Kavlem –Durbhat road and the panchayat should take serious note of it.

Umakant Naik, a commuter said, “In the past, authorities used to kill the stray dogs but now killing them is a crime. So the population has been increasing day by day. 

Pedestrians say demanded that the concerned authorities catch these dogs and lodged them in animal rescue centres.

During the night, two-wheeler riders have met with accidents after being chased by these stray dogs. 

The stray dogs normally survive on food dumped in open spaces in the village. 


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