Herald: Loutolim gram sabha abruptly adjourned amidst total chaos
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Loutolim gram sabha abruptly adjourned amidst total chaos

16 Apr 2018 05:45am IST
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16 Apr 2018 05:45am IST

Pandemonium broke out over mobile tower, advocate fees

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MARGAO: The Loutolim gram sabha was abruptly adjourned on Sunday without transacting any business including the approval of the budget for the year 2018-19. There was total chaos and pandemonium at the meeting over the mobile tower and the advocate charges paid by the panchayat.

Trouble broke out initially when the minutes of the last gram sabha were read as they were wrongly written over the topic of installing a mobile tower in the village. The villagers pointed out that the mobile tower was to be erected at the Monte and not at Big Foot as mentioned in the minutes.

Besides, they also pointed out that a wrong survey number was written in the minutes giving the property where the tower was to be installed.

However, as soon as the din over the minutes ended and the meeting proceeded, a villager Valeriano Fernandes raised the issue of the advocate representing the panchayat and the fees paid to him. Valeriano alleged that the panchayat was harassing him by filing cases against him.

It was revealed that the advocate has submitted a bill of around Rs 6 lakh for representing the panchayat in seven cases. Pandemonium broke out over this revelation and the gram sabha was abruptly adjourned.

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