Herald: City based schools in residential areas cause concern to residents

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City based schools in residential areas cause concern to residents

13 Jun 2018 06:29am IST
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13 Jun 2018 06:29am IST
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Parents flouting rules and an absence of effort on the part of the traffic department has meant, congestion outside schools is now a given


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Every morning, Jayesh Naik living at Amrut Nagar, Sonsoddo-Gogal has to leave his home 45 minutes early to office only because if he does not plan his travel he will find his gate blocked by traffic. Traffic, created by parents who ignore the rules while dropping their children to a nearby school.

“Rush hour traffic when schools are located near residential areas is everybody’s concern. We have in fact mulled the idea of even putting a massive level crossing gate to block commuters from entering through Amrut Nagar to proceed to Manovikas School,” revealed resident and musician Siddanath Buyao.

Similarly Nelson Fernandes, resident of Mungul and also well-known social activist and restaurateur in Goa points out the problems he faces from city the based Presentation School which has relocated to his residential area at Ambajim.

“The District Hospital has come up along the highway and is just adjacent to the school and the traffic is our concern but there seems to be little effort from the traffic police department,” stated Nelson.

Nelson like others is not miffed by the school premises but by the parents who have no civic sense while double parking in the locality and he feels the traffic police should impose heavy fines on such erring parents.

“We completely encourage children to use the school bus facility since it inculcates habits of travelling together and travelling independently but monsoons is the real problem and parents don’t want their children getting wet waiting for a bus hence they drop them by an increasing number of four wheelers and all parents want to drop their child to the gate and hence this traffic issue in the morning,” explains Srabonee Thakur, Headmistress of Manovikas School.

Meanwhile the office of Loyola School revealed to the Herald, the school had little to do with the traffic congestion and the problem ought to be handled by the Traffic Cell Department of the Police.

“Earlier, the traffic cell had imposed a no motor zone near Loyola School, Margao which benefited local residents but now there is no such rule and even double parking is permitted plus the school has an evening English medium school and then up front, the vehicle once again is stuck in traffic caused by Mahila & Nutan School in the heart of Comba, on a street that connects to KTC Bus Stand,” explains Dr Jerry Rodrigues who practices is the heart of the city and finds it hard to commute because of school students rush hour.

While PI Shirvaiker, in-charge of the traffic cell explains that it’s difficult to find enough volunteers to sort the school rush hour traffic and he hopes the new Western Bypass finds rerouting options. He also clarified that lack of parking spaces in Margao city is another option to ditch the no motor zone initiative near schools located in the suburb or within residential areas.

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