Herald: Forgeries continue to haunt Margao Municipal Council
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Forgeries continue to haunt Margao Municipal Council

16 May 2018 04:58am IST
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16 May 2018 04:58am IST

Two years on, the forged birth certificate involving an elderly couple from Benaulim, is yet to be solved; On March 8, 2018 MMC faced another forgery and counterfeit case of a lady from Maina Curtorim



It’s been two years since the fake birth certificate case rocked Goa. However, the case has died down and so is the effort to avoid any similar incidents. Several cases have happened and reported even after such a big inquiry gave the MMC a bad name. Sources have suggested that even the CCTV cameras at the MMC have recently been repaired. Meanwhile the aggrieved couple has still not got their justice in the form of proper official procedures.

It was in May 2016 that Goa woke up to an amazing story. A couple came up with a case where in a non-Goan staying on rent at their house forged her way through several documents and official IDs and made the elderly couple her father and mother. It was when the couple realised this they had a press briefing and revealed the matter and the entire case was exposed to public.

It may be recalled that on March 8 this year, yet another case of a forged certificate had come to light. Margao Town Police had booked Bharti Shirodkar from Maina Curtorim for forgery and counterfeiting, following a complaint lodged by Margao Municipal Council Chief Officer Johnson Fernandes.

Some unknown persons had prepared a fake “Non Availability Certificate” which was purportedly signed by the Sub-Registrar at the MMC.

He further stated that the signature was a forged one and not that of the Sub-Registrar and also pointed out that the stamp what was used on the certificate was not the original used by the office of the Sub-Registrar.

The said non-availability certificate was received by the MMC through the court that had directed the sub-registrar to register the birth of Bharti on the basis of the Non-Availability Certificate attached by her to her application.

Kapil Nayak, Margao PI, following investigations has come to the conclusion that there is a forgery involved.

This case too was a repeat of the 2016 episode with the erring party coming with a court order to get her works done and has now found to be forged.

The Shadow Council for Margao has expressed its regrets over the total negligence on the part of all the concerned authorities, for their failure in taking action against the fake birth certificate racket.

Today after a long struggle, which includes a case before the Sessions Court, an order from the JMFC-Margao, dtd. 17/11/2015, has been impugned following an appeal by the aggrieved person Mr Agostinho Fernandes.

It may be recalled that one Renuka Tahsildar had fraudulently obtained an order from the JMFC-Margao for the registration of birth by producing fake and forged documents. The said Renuka Tahsildar (original name), had prepared false paperwork claiming that her name was Reeta Fernandes and her parents were Agostinho Fernandes and Maria Fernandes from Benaulim.

In connivance with the Municipal staff she succeeded in registering her birth fraudulently.

After several requests and complaints demanding for action and cancellation of the registration, since last two years, no action has been taken by any authority. Even now, after obtaining a court order from the Hon Sessions court, by which the order for registration of birth dtd 17/11/2015 stands impugned, the cancellation of the fake birth records still continues to be a struggle for the aggrieved senior citizens Agostinho Fernandes and Maria Fernandes.

The MMC claims helplessness as the concerned birth records are with the Margao Town Police. Shadow Council for Margao claims that it fails to understand what takes the police two years to investigate and decide on the matter. SCM Convener Savio Coutinho stated that the MMC has informed him that the papers with forged signatures have been sent to experts for verification. "Does it take two years for such verification? Very shocking," Coutinho lamented.

"We have all the reasons to conclude that this Council is doing everything to protect the culprits, but at least clear the senior citizens Agostinho Fernandes and Maria Fernandes from this ordeal", Coutinho appealed.

Apart from the issue of one Renuka Tahsildar turning into Reeta Fernandes the Shadow Council had identified several other such fake registrations and had expected necessary action in this regard. However, it appears that this scheme of affairs has strong backing, and if it is not possible to pin those guilty, the least expected by us was that these fake registrations be struck off from the records.

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