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Margao Sounding Board

16 May 2018 04:58am IST
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16 May 2018 04:58am IST

Arlem bypass junction mess

A few weeks back the Arlem Junction, leading to the Arlem Raia highway and Nuvem Arlem Gogol bypass, underwent a bypass surgery of sorts and was ripped open to lay sewerage and water pipes. Interestingly not just the highway junction is left with the bad potholed roads from this operation but also at this junction are poles and necessary equipment installed for traffic signals about three months back to manage the snarling traffic here but till date there has been no progress and the whole exercise seems futile while traffic is a massive menace at this junction.

Debris at Gogol, Housing Board?

Debris and construction waste on the road sides at Gogol, Vidyanagar and Housing Board road sides have been causing problems to commuters and also the storm water drains. These violations are going totally unmonitored from the MMC side nor are the Housing Board or Municipality Councillors bothered. The MMC is spending lot of money for the cleaning of drains and preparing itself for monsoons. However, the more silt they remove from the drains the more these heaps of waste choke them with these debris making way into the storm water drains despite there being a High Court order asking the local governments to monitor the roadsides for debris dumping.

Private ambulance 

puts patient at risk?

It’s interesting to note how many NGOs and politicians run ambulances in the city and offer pick and drop facilities to people to and fro from Hospicio hospital, but Herald was shocked this week when a patient was picked by an ambulance belonging to a former Rajya Sabha member and dropped off to Hospicio. The ambulance reportedly didn’t have any assistant and the mother of the patient had to board the ambulance and carry the drips. We hope the health centre and transport department will take cognisance of this at Margao.
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