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Margao Sounding Board

13 Jun 2018 06:21am IST
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13 Jun 2018 06:21am IST

Massive pothole near Comba over bridge

It’s mostly the Comba rail underpass in the news for flooding every year where people have even lost their lives, but this time around the Comba rail over bridge connecting ICICI Bank to Khareband has a massive pothole, after the road sank causing huge trouble to traffic especially to commuters at night while this stretch of the road also has cattle from the buffaloes let loose by a nearby dairy farmer.

Fire fighter for Swachh Bharat

It’s weird how the pre-monsoon works have commenced in Margao under the aegis of the MMC Chairperson Babita Prabhudessai. But the work is done in a haphazard manner with cranes used to clear big drains but these cranes have damaged the walls of the drains and now fire fighters and the fire hydrant of a fire truck are being used as pressure pumps to flush out drains at Old Market.

Danger on roads at Borda

Borda-Fatorda, the big suburbs of the city has perennial bad roads problem and this time thanks to the shoddy road widening and incomplete sewerage works besides regularly busting water pipelines that has forced the road to cave-in besides Goa State Co-op Bank at Borda causing many accidents and making the roads dangerous to commute on. Similarly an internal road in Comba has the road collapsed from a shoddy patch work after laying of a new sewerage pipeline but complaints to the disaster management cell is yet to solve the issue. 

When will the signals commence?

Margao residents are curious as to when the police will install the signals on the pipes fixed at Arlem Circle or when will the signals affixed at Margao-Colva Circle junction will be functional and assist commuters but nobody seems to have an answer.

Potholes and fish water

One aspect the renovation and beautification of the SGPDA market underway at the fish market section but the lack of drains, overflowing nullahs has led to people having to wade through stinky fish water puddles and no place for parking since people are then forced to walk through fish water. Similarly at the road connecting to KTC from the wholesale fish market, over spilled and overfilled drains has lead to potholes filled with fish water which makes the pace dirty to walk through and the potholes are just too dangerous for commuters across the illegal gaddas. We even have a photo to show our readers. 
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