Herald: Will flooding of roadsides, drains continue?
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Will flooding of roadsides, drains continue?

16 May 2018 04:59am IST
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16 May 2018 04:59am IST

Residents of Margao are worried that disasters of the first rains in 2016 may repeat this year as monsoon is close at hand; MMC says PWD not lending a helping hand



As the monsoons approach, the fears of flooding in the Margao town lurk high as cleaning of drain seems to be the only work that the MMC is presently doing. However, there is blame on the PWD for not having done their bit to enable flooding free drains and roads of Margao. In a meeting recently the MMC has raised the issue. But whether the problems are being solved on the ground is a big question mark.

It rains cats and dogs in Goa which floods the most unsuspected areas. However, it has been several years where some select areas or locations only flood during monsoons and it has never ended. Many a time this happens due to absence of continuity in drains, non-cleaning of drains and also due to uncleared debris on the road sides which makes its way into the drains. On the first day of rains in 2016, roads of Margao were flooded with prominent and newly tarred roads full of water during the two days of continuous rain. Drains overflowing near Aquem, Pajifond, Arlem, Housing Board, Babu Naik and other areas was a common sight. As an annual feature the subway in Comba again submerged into neck deep water. Dumping of garbage in open places has also resulted of the garbage getting into the drains and has caused major blockages and overflowing of drains in several areas.

Areas of Azad Nagari, Calconda, Borda, Vidhyanagar are common sites for overflowing drains and choked gutters.

People and social media has played an important role in posting the problems of flooding in their areas. Roads near Gogal, Ravanfond, Navelim, Railway Station have got deteriorated to such an extent that a person can hardly drive through the roads.

Faulty design, poor road engineering and absence of drains are main reasons for bad roads and flooding in Goa during monsoon.

The Chairperson of MMC Babita Angle said "The MMC is doing all its work to make sure that the flooding in the common areas is avoided this monsoon". The Chairperson, however, mentioned that the PWD who is required to do their bit has not been doing the cleaning of drains and other jobs expected from them. She also said that these areas ultimately flood and leave the MMC red faced.

The Chairperson said that some major nallahs as others are being cleaned by the Water Resource Department.
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