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13 Jun 2018 06:19am IST
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13 Jun 2018 06:19am IST

Goa police commended 

MARGAO: The South Goa Zilla Panchayat  congratulated Goa Police for nabbing the three people from Madhya Pradesh involved in the gang rape and preventing them from fleeing Goa after committing the heinous crime. 

Ulhas Tuenkar congratulated Police Inspect Navlesh Dessai for his excellent work and also complimented DySP Raju Raut Dessai and SP Arvind Gawas for supervising the investigations so meticulously.

Former Chairperson Nelly Rodrigues while pointing out that Goa has witnessed nine rape cases in six months said this does not augur well for the state as it sends a message that women are not safe in the State.

While pointing out that many rapes are not registered out of shame, she disclosed that in one case the rape came to light only when a minor girl was found to be pregnant and said that it was shocking that the court released the rapist on bail.

“Men who rape minors should not be released on bail and in fact death sentence should be the punishment for rape,” she said.

Complaints to be ignored 

MARGAO: The South Goa Zilla Panchayat unanimously decided to ignore the complaint lodged by two activists against the works tendered by it and some in fact suggested that a police complaint be lodged against the complainants for the language used. Former chairperson Nelly Rodrigues pointing out that the places improved are used for various other purposes including cultural and not only religious purpose wondered why there was objection only for the ZP doing this work “when others like the MP, PWD, Tribal Welfare, RDA are doing similar work.”

It was clarified the act does not mention anywhere that certain type of works cannot be undertaken and some members pointed out that even temples have been constructed with PWD funds.

Moreno Rebello said those who had objected to the work had political masters and even accused one of being an “extortionist”.

Some members took umbrage to the tone of the letter and asked the chairperson to file a police complaint as the ZP was said to be indulging in “terrorism”.

While the members were assured that the work orders would be issued within a fortnight some members pointed out that work orders for earlier tenders awarded have not been issued till date.

ZP request government to change rule to benefit goans

MARGAO: The South Goa Zilla Panchayat today  urged the government to change the law making No Objection Certificate from the Town and Country Department mandatory for sale of land as it has adversely affected Goans.

Pointing out that revenue at the Sub-Registrar’s have declined, former Chairperson Nelly Rodrigues said it was because no Sale Deeds were being registered as the TCP was taking very long time to issue the NOC. “NOC is given now for applications that were made in April,” she said.

She suggested that NOC be sought from orchard land that is sought to be sold but lands that are already demarcated as settlement zones should be exempted from the NOC.

“Ultimately the government has to offer something that does not trouble the people too much and right now it is only troubling as the TCP is unable to issue the NOC quickly and takes at least a month,” she said pointing out that this makes it difficult for the nonresident Goans wanting to sell their land.

Panchayati Raj Act and Rules now available at Govt Printing Press


MARGAO; Panchayati Raj Act and Rules now available at Govt Printing Press-

The copies of Goa panchayat Raj Act 1994 and rules along with latest amendments are now available at the govt printing press, Panaji. 

The public as well as the legal fraternity had to face hardships since the same were not available for almost last two years.

Looking at the need, the Director of Panchayat Ajit Panchwadkar persistently followed up the matter with the Director of Printing Press since last two months and finally got 500 copies printed so far.

80 copies of the same have already been sold within one day. One copy will be provided to each panchayat.

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