Herald: No hatred for India, says Danielle McLaughlin’s mother
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No hatred for India, says Danielle McLaughlin’s mother

13 Mar 2018 05:39am IST
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13 Mar 2018 05:39am IST

A year after her daughter’s death, the mother is happy with the investigation

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PANJIM: A year after the gruesome rape and murder in Canacona of Danielle McLaughlin, her mother opened up about the tragedy saying she has no hatred towards India and the investigating agency.

Speaking to Herald, Danielle’s mum, Andrea Brannigan said that the Indian agencies have been amazing towards her and the investigation carried out by police and Ireland point to the same accused.

“I am happy with the investigation and hoping for early trial and justice to Danielle,” she said. 

McLaughlin (28) was raped and murdered at Canacona in South Goa, on March 14 last year. 

Vikat Bhagat has been charged with the rape and murder of the Irish woman. “He (Bhagat) took Danielle’s voice, but I will not let her be silenced. I believe justice will happen and the accused will be found guilty as all evidence in India and Ireland points to the accused,” her mother said.

In a statement released by the family’s Derry-based solicitor Desmond J Doherty, Advocate Vikram Varma has been instructed to represent the family at the Bhagat’s trial. 

“A successful application was made to the court by Varma for intervention in the case so that the family of Danielle would have a role in the trial. As far as the jurisdiction of Britain and Ireland is concerned the principle of the prosecution being the exclusive domain of the State is settled,” the statement read.

It further says that inadequate resources led to a large number of acquittals in respect of controversial cases in India. The principle of the State being adequately empowered to investigate and prosecute has at times failed in the delivery of justice.

“We have also discovered cases where the trial courts refused to even hear the victims. This resulted in cases being closed at the cost of justice. Therefore the Indian Supreme Court intervened and expanded the scope of the Code of Criminal Procedure that exists in India. This now allows for the aggrieved family to intervene in a case with some limited scope,” the Derry-based counsel said.

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