Herald: PWD given 8 days to improve water supply in Chapora
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PWD given 8 days to improve water supply in Chapora

07 Dec 2017 05:46am IST
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07 Dec 2017 05:46am IST

Residents threaten rasta roko if the department fails to improve the water supply

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MAPUSA: After undergoing severe hardship for three weeks due to irregular water supply in Chapora, the locals have served an eight-day ultimatum to the PWD to improve the water supply. They have even threatened to stage a rasta roko if the department fails to improve the water supply. 

Irregular water supply in Chapora for almost a month has left the residents fuming.

The locals have been complaining to the PWD through memorandums and by staging protests over irregular water supply but all their efforts have fallen flat.

Chapora locals allege that PWD has been issuing water bills and not supplying tap water regularly. 

The locals claimed that they have been regular in paying their water bills.

People further complained of hardship in carrying out their regular household work as the demand for water is more but the supply is limited. 

Joseph Fernandes, a Chapora resident said:”Since last two weeks the water supply has been irregular. We have now started hiring the services of water tankers for our daily household work”.

Another Chapora resident Maria Lobo said:”We have been receiving regular water bills every month. We have been deprived of regular water supply for the past three weeks. We are regular in paying water bills but are not getting the service which we are paying for. We made several complainants to the PWD but no official has taken any action in this regard.”

The situation in Khorjuvem is not that good either as the locals too have complained of acute water shortage. 

In a memorandum submitted to AE Water Department, Bardez, the locals claimed that since last month they have been not receiving regular water supply. They complained that water is supplied on alternate days or after 3 to 4 days and that too very less. They further complain that it takes hours to fill a bucket and are forced to save water for days. 

Sakharam Nagvekar, a resident said, “We have submitted a memorandum to PWD requesting them to supply regular water to our village. The village wards - Chodwal and Atlawada have not received water since for many days.” 


Damage to pipeline disrupts water supply to Agassaim
VASCO: The water supply to areas of Agassaim and parts of Cortalim constituency was affected after DBL, contractor engaged in the construction of new Zuari bridge and widening of NH17 road ruptured the old 500 MM diameter cast iron pipeline at Cortalim on Wednesday.
According to Assistant Engineer PWD (water division) Vishwambhar Bhende the old 500 mm diameter pipeline, which is used to supply water to part of Cortalim and across the Zuari bridge in the areas of Agassaim was damaged by DBL contractor on Wednesday, due to which PWD could not supply water to the areas of Agassaim and parts of Cortalim constituency on Wednesday.
"It’s an old pipeline which was earlier used for supplying water to Vasco city from Opa water treatment plant and is currently used to supply water in the areas of Agassaim and parts of Cortalim constituency. We have already moved in machinery and the process to repair the pipeline have begun. By Thursday water supply will be restored in the affected areas,” Bhende told. 

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