Herald: Not just a CRACK but almost a COLLAPSE
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Not just a CRACK but almost a COLLAPSE

06 Feb 2018 06:10am IST
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06 Feb 2018 06:10am IST
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One of Goa’s famous touristic spots, the Dona Paula Jetty, is in a dilapidated state with corroding steel and cracks in the structure; Following reports by PWD and GSIDC, the govt has decided to close it down for repairs to safeguard the lives of thousands of tourists who throng to the site



The iconic Dona-Paula jetty, an attraction for thousands of tourists and locals, will be shut down due to safety concerns and in proffer so that the repairs works can be undertaken.

The decision on closing the jetty followed a report from the Managing Director of Imagine Panjim Smart City Development Ltd (IPSCDL). Imagine Panjim, entrusted with the task, had in December 2017, suggested to the government to close the jetty in view of the deteriorating state of the structure.

As Herald visited the magnificent jetty, it was revealed that the railings have corroded and are broken in many places, posing a threat to visitors. The electrical lamps, too, have stopped functioning except for the high mast. Also the reinforcing steel bars in the structure below stand exposed and are corroding, posing a threat to hundreds of locals as well as tourists who visit the magnificent spot.

“The Dona Paula jetty, also known as ‘Lovers’ Paradise’ today stands neglected. I come here for fishing and have seen the structure from below and you will be shocked to know that the columns which hold the jetty are in complete bad shape. Also the steel bars which have corroded, can be seen easily seen. I think the government has taken a correct decision to repair the jetty,” said Anton Nazareth.

Another local, Vinit Naik said “The jetty is in a bad shape and needs urgent repairs. The concrete structure stands exposed and it can be dangerous especially during the monsoon season. The government has taken the right decision to close the jetty for extensive repairs.”

The state government had spent nearly Rs 5 crore through the GSIDC on renovating and beautifying the jetty in 2008. The work had been awarded to M/s M Venkata Rao Infra Projects. However, despite the maintenance, the iron structure has corroded after a few years.

Further, sources revealed that the report submitted by the Public Works Department (PWD) and the Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation (GSIDC) had clearly mentioned in their report that the concrete jetty was below the requisite design strength while also suggesting demolition and reconstruction.

“In the report it was also mentioned that for the jetty to withstand the vagaries of nature, the concrete of the entire jetty should be a minimum of 400 kg/cm2 but in the tests conducted before the final report could be prepared it was found that it was just 250kg/cm2 which is far less,” sources said.

Meanwhile, speaking to Herald, Imagine Panjim CEO and MD Swayan Chaudhary said “The government has been very cooperative and agreed to our proposal to close the jetty as it could affect human lives. For us, public safety is top priority and of utmost concern. It is a multi agency work and we will be working in close coordination with all concerned government departments and agencies”.

Assuring to build a world class jetty in the next 12 to 18 months, Chaudhary said the decision on complete overhaul of the structure or phase-wise work will be decided following a detailed study with experts in the field.

However, restaurant owners close to the jetty have expressed dissatisfaction saying that their business will be affected due to the closure of the jetty.
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