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13 Mar 2018 05:51am IST
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13 Mar 2018 05:51am IST

Not a happy experience 

Shweta Kamat 

The non-completion of the box culvert bridge over St Inez creek was the prime reason for the shift of the traditional Shigmo float parade to a new route at Miramar. This was  disliked by the participants as well as attendees. The Shigmotsave committee too was not very happy with the new route. 
An impression was being created that following the tremendous response to the Carnival float parade on the very same route from Miramar to Caranzalem, the authorities decided to experiment with Shigmo too. But it hit out at the organizers considering that the road width earmarked for carrying out the float parade was too narrow which resulted in artists not able to perform up to their mark.   
The Shigmo was held on March 10, with as many as 44 floats and around 16 folk dance groups participating.   The parade went on till late night. The shigmo was traditionally held from 1989 on 18 June road.  
“The traditional 18 June road route was the best to perform, here there is no space. Everything is just congested. We are not able to perform our heart out. Even if you see, the floats had no space for proper movement,” one of the participants said urging that Committee should look into the hardship faced by them and shift to the old venue next year. 
“What you saw just now is not shigmo. The traditional shigmo festival lost its touch at the new route. There was no festive mood. We were initially told that the parade would be held at same old route, but then everything was changed,” another participant said very angrily.   
Though Miramar-Caranzalem is a four lane road, the shigmo parade was restricted to only two lanes, while the rest was demarcated for the spectators. The footpaths were taken over by the stalls. Being two lane, there was restricted space for the artists to perform and for the floats to move. Traffic police and the organizers had really a tough time controlling the attendees, who were now and then seen entering the other lane, districting the parade. 
Committee member Sunil Naik admitted that there was infact some frustration amongst the participant about the new route. “Though, we have not received any complaints directly, but we could observe and smell the unhappiness,” he said. 
Naik said the committee was never interested in shifting its traditional route but the non-completion of box Culvert Bridge over St Inez creek, left them no other option.  “We were initially assured the bridge would be completed on time but due to some technical problems it was not ready. And at the last minute we had to shift,” he stated. 
Box culvert bridge has been the traditional entry point of the parade, which marches on to 18 June road.
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