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Panjim Sounding Board

17 Apr 2018 06:06am IST
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17 Apr 2018 06:06am IST

Miramar beach no longer attracts locals?



The Miramar beach in Panjim is one of the perfect hangout spots not only for the children but also for families and elderly citizens for decades. However, lack of maintenance and proper facilities have always been a major issue and concern of the people, who visit the beach regularly. This beach not only attracts locals but also thousands of tourists everyday but lack of sitting areas and other facilities, the beach is avoided more than visited by the locals. 

“It’s been quite a long time that the beach is lying in a sorry state and no proper maintenance of the facilities has forced the families and children to avoid visiting it in the evening”, said Seema Patil, a local. 

It is seen that the benches, which were erected, are in bad condition and now the same are uprooted from the foundation. 

“It was once upon a time a beautiful beach with proper access with sitting arrangements under the shade of coconut trees. But now you will find hardly one or two benches”, said Samir Angholkar, a native of Belgaum. 

The children play area was also attracting lot of children to Miramar during holidays but the broken slides, rusted climbing frames and broken/missing swings, which are almost off the hinges, pose danger and risk to the children.

Former Mayor of Corporation City of Panjim and concerned ward member Surendra Furtado said that last 10 years the Tourism Department has taken over the entire maintenance work and since then the condition has worsened 

Director of Tourism Menino D’Souza said that all the areas of all beaches across Goa are being managed and maintained by their corporation. Calls to the Managing Director of GTDC found no response.

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