Herald: Only 138 of 643 Salaulim Dam affected families have received ownership rights
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Only 138 of 643 Salaulim Dam affected families have received ownership rights

06 Jan 2018 06:34am IST
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06 Jan 2018 06:34am IST
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Thirty years have passed since the Salaulim Dam was built. BASURI DESAI finds out that majority of the displaced persons have not been granted ownership rights of the land and house allotted to them

After 30 long years have elapsed, a majority of the Salaulim dam affected people are yet to receive land rights after their land was submerged by water.

The Goa government has granted ownership to just 138 families out of the 643 families who were affected and had to be compensated for sacrificing their land and houses.

The issue of ownership of the land, and that of rehabilitation of 91 families, remain pending. In the absence of ownership the people, who are mostly involved in agriculture, are not able to avail facilities like subsidies from the government.

The issue was recently raised by Leader of the Opposition Chandrakant Kavlekar in the Assembly through a private member’s resolution.

Speaking to Herald, Water Resources Minister Vinod Palyekar said that out of 91 families, 19 families were either ineligible or had already availed of rehabilitation benefits or benefits under 20-point programme.

“The Government had awarded 100 sq mtrs of land to these 72 families through an order dated February 4, 2002, which the families did not accept. The Rehabilitation Committee is being re-constituted to resolve any balance issues,” the Minister had said.

Palyekar said that plots of 400 sq mts for housing purpose and land admeasuring 1 hectare for agriculture were allotted to the affected persons in addition to the other amenities and as per a government decision, agriculture land was granted as cultivator occupant Class-ll under Land Revenue Code.

He said that each occupant has to individually apply to the Collector to change the nature of sanad from occupant Class-ll to Class-l.

“I learnt from the Revenue authorities, about 138 projects affected persons have already been granted Class-l occupancy. Government is seized with the issue and all efforts and assistance will be given to affected persons to change the class of occupancy,” the minister said.

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