Herald: RP 21 put into operations on MLAs demands: TCP Minister
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RP 21 put into operations on MLAs demands: TCP Minister

17 May 2018 05:17am IST
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17 May 2018 05:17am IST

PANJIM: Stating that the decision to put in the Regional Plan 2021 into operation was taken following consistent demands from MLAs on the Floor of the House, Town and Country Planning (TCP) Minister Vijai Sardesai said the government is not in “love” with the plan but governance being a continuous process, it was decided to put into operation adhering to the MLAs demands. 

The TCP Board that met on Wednesday was of the view that the fate of the land use plan should be taken only in the State Assembly.

Addressing media persons post the Board meeting, Sardesai said the Board discussed all issues that have come into public domain recently including the decision to operationalise RP 21. “It has been clearly explained and held by the Board that the decision to put the plan in operation was taken after consistent demands emanated in the State Assembly from the representatives of the people,” he said. 

He added, “If one remembers, the opposition had moved cut motions pointing to the government failure to put in operation RP 21, which is already notified. The same MLAs went to the protest and took oath that the plan be scrapped.”

RP 21, notified in 2011, was put in operation on March 28, 2018. From July 2012 onwards the plan was kept in abeyance. 

“This decision was taken by me though RP 21 is not my baby. I have neither conceptualized the RP nor notified it. It is only that I am the Minister now holding the portfolio of TCP and government being a continuous process we have operationalised it,” Sardesai stated. 

The Minister clarified that the entire plan has not been put in operation and whatever cases that would be cleared, will go through the five-member expert committee scrutiny. 

“No decision is sacrosanct. It is not that we are completely in love with any decision,” he said, adding that if fragrant violations are observed and the same are discussed in a democratic fashion and in the right forum, which is the Legislative Assembly, a decision can be taken.

“Since the demand to operationalise the regional plan came from the members of the legislative assembly, the best possible forum to discuss on the fate of RP21 is to be decided on the floor of the house and we should wait till then,” he stated. 

Following government decision to put the plan in operation, there has been movement demanding the scrapping of RP 21 and initiating the process for drafting RP31 taking people into confidence. 

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