Herald: Rane says NO, Babu feels BJP not serious, Nilkanth alleges conspiracy
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Rane says NO, Babu feels BJP not serious, Nilkanth alleges conspiracy

13 Mar 2018 05:34am IST
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13 Mar 2018 05:34am IST

All party delegation cracks up in Delhi?



MARGAO: An all-party delegation led by PWD Minister Sudin Dhavlikar and members of the BJP, Goa Forward, Independent MLAs, Goa Forward MLAs and Congress MLAs seem to have achieved nothing and were shown the door by BJP Desk in charge and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari.  The Congress as an opposition party didn’t seem to have studied the matter well and faced the ire of simply tagging along.

Senior Rane and I were chosen to be a part of this delegation but at the last moment he complained of a throat infection and hence as Opposition leader Babu Kavlekar replaced him and we represented the Congress MLAs at this Delhi trip demanding a Central government ordinance to permit mining in the state bypassing the recent Supreme Court Order explained Congress’ Tivim  MLA Nilkanth Haldankar.

But its interesting how Nilkanth explains that as part of the delegation at his residence Nitin Gadkari raised certain queries and pointed out that lack of a cabinet representation, the appeal for ordinance cannot be achieved and hence the Union Minister for Roadways stood up after which the MLAs including him, Babu Kavlekar, BJP MLA Vishwajeet Rane started leaving the room.

“The funny part was how after Vishwajit, Kavlekar and myself left the room, immediately four MLAs led by Sudin, the man in charge in Parrikar’s absence, closed the door and discussed something with the BJP MLAs in private to Nitin Gadkari and hence the purpose of an all-party delegation was completely defeated when such kind of secrecy prevails, so I can’t even vouch for what we collectively discussed at the start of the meeting.

Similar to Nilkanth are the thoughts of Opposition leader, Babu Kavlekar who says the absence of the Advocate General, no proper cabinet note and an unplanned representation makes it very clear that the government had no seriousness of the representation and there will be no movement to resume mining,” exclaims Babu who says that the all-party delegation focused on defying the court order that too unconstitutionally which was wrong.

Similarly Reginaldo who walked out of the CLP while discussing the strategy or representation for the all-party delegation said, "When Congress carried out mining in a certain manner, BJP at the State came to power and set it aside and got a Supreme Court Nod for the same and now if the BJP wants to return these leases to the corrupt and an all-party delegation will approve this, then it’s all a farce and BJP has been cheating mining dependent since 2012 and I don’t want to be party to all this while my comments are that of  MLA and not my Congress party.

Meanwhile a senior Congress leader explained that the Indian Bureau of Mines calculates Goan mines to hold a minimum of Rs 5,000 crores worth of ore which the BJP is pushing for allotment with no auction and hence the need for an ordinance is flawed and a complete contempt of court.

While Party President Shanataram Naik refused to speak on the issue of representation and on what basis were the MLAs from the Congress were selected and deputed for the meeting. .
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