Herald: Allegations of land transfer irregularities in Mormugao
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Allegations of land transfer irregularities in Mormugao

17 May 2018 05:19am IST
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17 May 2018 05:19am IST

A Vasco resident alleged that his land was usurped by a non-Goan woman by using invalid thumb impressions in affidavits and forged MMC NOCs

Forgery and sworn fake affidavits in the name of the dead persons is the new low in getting works done in Marmugao taluka. This has been alleged by a land owner from Vasco, who claims that a non-Goan has usurped his land by using these methods. 

A resident of Vasco has alleged that his land has been usurped by a non-Goan woman by using invalid thumb impressions in affidavits and forged MMC NOCs, and the affected family has demanded justice.

Longinhos Fernandes, owner of a private property near the El-Monte theatre, Desterro Waddo has made serious allegations against the Mormugao Municipal Council. The land owner has alleged that a house tax of an existing house in his property has been transferred in the name of one Rekha Belgaonkar allegedly by using forged documents, illegal affidavits and false signatures/thumb impressions of dead persons

The owner who has cried foul against the MMC has informed that the agreement for sale of the property was executed by him in the year 2005 and was purchased vide sale deed dated 2015. He alleged that there was an illegal structure in the property occupied by Dugvenkar Reddy.

The land owner has alleged that Reddy has obtained house tax for the structure bearing No. 10/325 (2) by giving false affidavit/declaration that her house is located in government/communicate land.

Further, the property owner has made a startling revelation that even after Reddy expired on July 7 1974, Belgaonkar got the house tax of the house transferred from Reddy to her name by executing deed of transfer of Rights and interest in house, without any compensation whatsoever. 

The property owner has now made an allegation that the deed was executed between alive and a dead deponent and was executed before Notary S D Pawooskar on January 7, 2012 with thumb impression of Reddy, without producing any ID proof of the deceased. It is also informed by Fernandes that the licence of the notary expired on February 9, 2009, much before the affidavit was sworn.

The land owner further alleged that the water connection was given in 1999 in the name of Reddy, where  she had signed on the application. "Thus on one paper Reddy puts thumb impression and

on other she signs, and this happened after her death. This is height of forgery and backstabbing by the processes of law," Fernandes said.

An NOC for one of the electricity connections in the name of Leela Biradar was also given without obtaining NOC from the owner of the house/land.

"For the past three months there is no move from Directorate of Municipal Administration to provide me relief. Police complaints were filed but police too cannot do anything in civil matters. MMC has raised its hands saying the file is not traceable. Thus justice to the innocent is denied and because of such tactics and illegalities are increasing," Fernandes said. 

When asked, the Chief Officer of the MMC said the case is heard and kept for orders and will be pronounced soon and said the details can only be given after the order.

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