Herald: Cuncolkars have the last laugh as Chairperson relents
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Cuncolkars have the last laugh as Chairperson relents

10 May 2018 07:13am IST
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10 May 2018 07:13am IST

Carneiro to revoke the NOC of the fish meal plant after consistent pressure from villagers

On Wednesday, agitated Cuncolkars gheraod Chairperson Polita Carneiro and grilled her for misusing her power to issue a ‘No Objection Certificate’ to a fish meal plant at Cuncolim Industrial Estate.

Agitated citizens, including  MLA Clefacio Dias, Vice Chairperson Shashank Dessai and eight councillors Videshi Dessai, Lavita Mascarenhas, Kiran Naik, Ashok Fadte, Uddesh Gaonkar, Paiginkar and others demanded that Carneiro revoke the NOC, file a complaint at DMA and Lokayukta, besides requesting vigilance to probe the matter.

Cuncolkars allege that Carneiro and a councillor committed a fraud by issuing NOC to Viva Marina Implex plant while misusing her power and without the knowledge of the council that had rejected a resolution to allow fish plant in Cuncolim. 

Nine out of twelve councillors signed a memorandum requesting an emergency meeting of the council to revoke the NOC issued to the fish plant. Some locals also sought Carneiro’s resignation.

Alvis Almeida, a social activist, who had exposed the issue demanded an enquiry by the vigilance team in this issue and opined that the chairperson should resign from her post with immediate effect or DMA should disqualified her.

The MLA said Carneiro and the councillor who issued NOC to the fish meal plant had sold their credibility for monetary gains. Dias also questioned the intent of the duo.

Those present also decided to take the issue to the Lokayukta. 

Some councillors point out that Churchill Alemao had requested Carneiro to issue the permission to the plant. In fact, Carneiro and a local politician told Herald that Churchill had indeed requested them to issue the NOC.

Meanwhile, it is confirmed that one Mohammad Zameer from Aquem had applied to the Investment  Promotion and Facilitation Board to set up fish meal plant at CIE. However, the Board had rejected his application saying CMC had objected to such type of projects. 

Apparently the fish meal plant owner used his political connections to get the NOC from the council. 

Cuncolkars’ battle against polluting units at CIE is nothing new and tey have been taking up this issue frequently.  There are six fish processing fish Neal's plant at CIE, which have been accused of creating pollution. Besides, there are many chemical units, which are also polluting units. 

Cuncolkars have been demanding justice for the past thirty years and are angry that Carneiro had issued the NOC knowing well the background. They have warned Carneiro against playing with the sentiments of Cuncolkars.

Meanwhile, when contacted, the Chairperson agreed to revoke the NOC.

“I understand the sentiments of locals and will revoke the NOC issued to Viva Marine Imex with immediate effect,” Carneiro clarified.

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