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Palolem seeks better infrastructure

07 Dec 2017 05:54am IST
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07 Dec 2017 05:54am IST

The beautiful beach located on the southern-most tip of Goa has been gaining popularity amongst foreign and domestic tourists alike, but for the past two decades the demand for better infrastructure has fallen on deaf ears, with respective governments neglecting the pristine beach

Palolem may be one of the most-sought-after beaches in South Goa among foreign and domestic tourists, but at the infrastructural level things need to be spruced up immediately and steps taken on a war footing, as even the basic facilities seem to be missing.

Palolem beach, which lies almost dormant during the monsoon season, witnesses a flurry of activities as soon as the monsoons end and by mid-December  it is ready for the ensuing hustle bustle of the tourist season.

Over the years tourists visiting the beach with shallow clear blue waters, has increased many fold. Unfortunately, the much-needed infrastructure that needs to grow with the rise of tourism has failed to keep pace and has sadly, remained unchanged for the past two decades. 

During the peak tourist season, holidays and long weekends, the narrow roads and lanes at Palolem beach creates bottlenecks and traffic jams. Besides there are other facilities that would help build the image of Goa’s southern beach.

Locals have been demanding basic facilities like wide roads, changing rooms, washrooms, quality power supply and good illumination on the entire beach stretch for quite some time now, but even after the change of governments, things have remained same and precious little has been done by the authorities.

 Locals also complain that each time something drastically goes wrong at this tourist village, the age-old demand for a police outpost  is raised, which ironically is also soon forgotten. At times, even the police officials have joined in the chorus. 

Other demands by locals that have fallen on deaf ears are installation of CCTV cameras, presence of tourist police to keep unwanted elements are kept at bay and the issue of Lamanis and beggars on Palolem beach, which  cause nuisance to tourists and locals alike.

Dayanand Pagi, a Councillor from Palolem ward and ex-deputy chairperson of Canacona municipal council speaking to Herald said that the tourism is the main economic activity of Canacona, which drives the various businesses in the taluka that needs urgent attention from authorities.

“Other issues like providing parking space for vehicles of tourists, who visit Palolem beach is also an immediate necessity, as is a place on the beach to safely dock fishing vessels of local fishermen.  Once these issues are taken care of, Palolem will see more tourists, that will benefit everyone, “ he opined.

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