Herald: Police stations needed in all constituencies to control crime
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Police stations needed in all constituencies to control crime

10 May 2018 07:13am IST
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10 May 2018 07:13am IST

Benaulim, Navelim, Velim, Cortalim, Shiroda, Priol, Madkai, Sanvordem yet to have police stations in their constituencies

Although Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had once said that ideally every constituency in Goa should have a police station the necessity of a police station is determined  by the crime status and how much a concerned police station is overburdened.

Margao Town Police Station is overburdened, even though Fatorda Police Station, that was commissioned last year, has taken away some load. That is the reason another police station was proposed at Navelim.

Since Ponda Police Station stands watch over the entire taluka of Ponda and as the workload there has increased in recent times, another police station is proposed at Mardol. And even though there are three police stations in Mormugao taluka another one is proposed at Zuarinagar.

“At times a police station is set up to keep a close watch on areas that are crime-infested like Zuarinagar,” said South Goa Superintendent of Police Arvind Gawas.

Incidentally, while there is only one police station in Ponda taluka, one police station each looks after Sanguem and Canacona talukas. 

And while Quepem taluka has two police stations, Mormugao talukas has three and Salcete talukas has as many as six police stations. 

Taking a deeper look, the Ponda Police station looks after four Assembly constituencies, including two represented by ministers. In contrast, the six police stations in Salcete look after eight Assembly constituencies, including the district headquarters. Mormugao talukas with four constituencies has three police stations.

Gawas said that with Navelim rejecting the police station, they will have to look for an alternative. But apparently, the alternative he indicates is an alternate place to have the Navelim police station. “Maina Curtorim Police station is not in the jurisdiction of the area it serves; so like that may be we shall have a Navelim police station outside Navelim,” he said adding that they are looking out for alternative places.

In Salcete, while the Colva Police Station has jurisdiction over the Benaulim constituency, the Verna Police Station caters to a large portion of Nuvem constituency, making Navelim and Velim the only constituencies not having police stations in their area.

The other constituencies not having a police station are Cortalim, Sanvordem, Shiroda, Priol and Madkai. However, the proposed police station at Mardol will take care of Priol constituency, while the one at Zuarinagar will be in Cortalim constituency.
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