Herald: Uproar in Mayem gram sabha over granting NOCs to bars

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Uproar in Mayem gram sabha over granting NOCs to bars

30 Apr 2018 06:02am IST
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30 Apr 2018 06:02am IST

23 vote for and 6 against issuing NOC for new bars; Most of the members abstain from voting

Team Herald

BICHOLIM: There was uproar in Mayem gram sabha over granting of NOCs to two new liquor bars in the village by the panchayat.

The uproar was so intense that the gram sabha was delayed for a long time with the panchayat body unable to arrive at a decision. 

When the issue of granting NOC to bars came up, a villager Kamlakant Tari asked the panchayat not to give any person NOC as bars are not good for the society.

“There are too many bars in the village and this only leads to ill-effect on the youth. These bars have become centre of drug peddling in the village and there is a need to stop such practices,” Tari said.

On the contrary, another villager Subhash Kinalkar said that the panchayat should give NOC for bars, as they would contribute to the revenue of the panchayat. 

“After the ban on mining, there are many persons who are unemployed and they need some business; if someone is trying to setup some business, the panchayat should support him,” Kinalkar said adding that no one forces anyone to drink as it is one’s personal choice.

However, Kamlakant Tari demanded that a special gram be convened for resolving the issue. Furious at the demand of Tari, a group of gram sabha members demanded that the decision on the NOC issue should be made at the Sunday’s gram sabha istsle, since the applications for opening bars were submitted a long time back.

Finally, the when the issue was put to voting, 23 persons supported issuing NOC for opening bars, while only 6 persons opposed it. Interestingly, most of the gram sabha members did not participate in the voting. In conclusion, it was decided that NOC would be granted or denied by the panchayat after holding discussions on case by case basis.
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