Herald: Young and the old throng Panjim, demand justice for rape victims
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Young and the old throng Panjim, demand justice for rape victims

16 Apr 2018 05:51am IST
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16 Apr 2018 05:51am IST
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Protestors seek capital punishment for perpetrators, supporters of Kathua, Unnao crimes

Team Herald

PANJIM: Hundreds including students, youth and senior citizens on Sunday evening participated in the candlelight vigil in Panjim demanding justice for the rape victims namely the eight-year-old girl from Kathua Asifa, and another teenager from Unnao. 

People from all walks of life participated in the rally, which started from the Miramar beach and culminated at the Azad Maidan, Panjim. 

The protestors raised slogans demanding that action be taken against the perpetrators and supporters of these heinous crimes.

“I am happy to see that so many people have responded to the call (rally). If we put in such efforts there will be a change. I don’t think sitting at home and conveying opinions through social media can make any sort of difference. It is very easy to be loud over the social networks but it takes real action to change the mentality. I texted my friends, but it was everyone’s efforts as all united for the cause”, said Gretchen Baretto, a student from Cuncolim.

“Capital punishment should be given to the culprits. I know the human rights activists will come in the picture but the torturous punishment is the only answer to such heinous crimes in today’s world”, said Prof Prajal Sakhardande.

“Everyone is thinking about the fact that it was inhuman. I am just trying to say that we all need to know when something like this happens on such huge scale it cannot just be reminder at that moment. It is every day, even a small thing, irrespective of where we come from, no one is superior or inferior. We need to focus each day taking the word “human” from term “humanity” and just being it”, said Sonia Sabnis, a young writer.  

Minority leader Urfan Mulla, said, “Without taking into consideration the religion and caste, the people of Goa have joined hands to seek justice for both victims. This is a good sign. Harmony in Goa has been there since ages but politicians are now trying to create a divide. Now, the society especially the youth has realised the dirty politics played by some politicians in the State and at the Centre”.

 “Capital punishment is the only solution to stop such crimes from taking place in a country like India”, he added.

The All Goa Catholic Minority Front also condemned the rapes in both states alleging the involvement of police and politicians.

“It’s a shame that advocates have come out in support of rapists. They being protectors of law should hang themselves. We strongly condemn the entire incident and demand justice for both victims”, said Barnabe Sapeco, Convener of All Goa Catholic Minority Front.  

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