30 Jul 2022  |   06:44am IST

1,950 senior citizens residing in South Goa District

South Goa police survey shows 1,006 are residing alone; there are 472 couples
1,950 senior citizens residing in South Goa District

Team Herald

MARGAO: There are 1,950 senior citizens residing in South Goa District, of which 1,006 are residing alone while there are 472 couples, shows a survey report by South Goa police.

Out of these 1,950 senior citizens, 784 are in the age group of 60 to  69 years, 840  are in the age group of 70 to 79 while 279 of them are in the age group of 80 to 89  and 46 of them fall in the age group of 90  to 99 years. There is only one centenarian.

South District police are organising a new outreach programme for the senior citizens residing in various parts of South Goa. The main objective is to familiarise the senior citizens with Police officers and Beat staff of their respective Police Stations so that in case of any kind of emergency or assistance or otherwise, they can get their issues resolved.

The police stations falling under the jurisdiction of the South Goa district are Margao, Maina Curtorim, Colva, Cuncolim,  Fatorda, Quepem,  Curchorem, Sanguem, Canacona, Vasco, Verna, Mormugao, Ponda and Collem.

Out of these fourteen police stations, five of them have a total number of 1,077 senior citizens residing in their jurisdiction, of which 545 are staying alone and 532 are couples.

The highest number of senior citizens (196) residing alone are in the coastal belt. There are 69 couples (138 individuals). The total number of senior citizens is 334.

In the city of Margao, a total of 112 senior citizens are residing alone, while there are 49 couples (98 individuals) and a total being 210. Further, the Maina-Curtorim Police Station area has 110 senior citizens staying alone, with 65 couples. The total number is 240.

Under Cuncolim Police Station jurisdiction, there are 50 senior citizens staying alone while 42 are couples (84 individuals) and the overall total is 134.

Fatorda Police Station has 77 senior citizens residing alone with 41 couples the total of which is 82 and the overall total comes to 159.

Quepem Police Station has 49 senior citizens residing alone, while there are 12 couples and the total strength is 73.

In Curchorem Police Station jurisdiction, 71 senior citizens stayed alone with 27 couples with total strength being 125.

Sanguem Police Station has 42 senior citizens residing alone along with only two couples. 

Canacona Police Station jurisdiction has 84 senior citizens residing alone and 36 couples. The overall total of senior citizens is 156.

Vasco, one of the biggest towns, has only 28 senior citizens living alone besides 27 couples with a total of 54 and total comes to 82. Verna has 52 senior citizens staying alone, besides there are 48 couples whose total is 96 and the overall total comes to 148.

Only 11 senior citizens are residing in Mormugao besides four couples and the total number is 19.

In Ponda, there are 94 senior citizens residing alone besides 43 couples. The total of which is 180.

Collem Police Station has 30 senior citizens residing alone besides seven couples and the total comes to 44.

Police sources said that this data is till June 2022 and the process of approaching senior citizens of all age groups has commenced.