04 Apr 2024  |   06:44am IST

4 high-end clubs operating in Anjuna are not even in the Panchayat records

Two weeks after the CM‘s assurance of no loud music in Anjuna, the illegal loud music is back. And with a bang
4 high-end clubs operating in Anjuna are not even in the Panchayat records

Augusto Rodrigues

ANJUNA: A fortnight ago Chief Minister Pramod Sawant assured the people of Vagator, that no music will be allowed to be played in the  open air after 10 pm. That may have been music to the ears of the harassed locals who have been fighting for some silence.

But after that it's back to the loud noise that parades as music. The assurance from the highest office in the land appeared totally out of tune.

 “We are being taken for a ride since the start of the season. Our MLA Delilah Lobo first promised us that loud music will not be allowed and nothing happened. We expected the police to react to the assurances of the Chief Minister but again nothing,” said Janie Crasto who raised the issue during the meeting.

The Chief Minister had categorically promised the people of Vagator that no music will be permitted outdoors in residential areas after 10 pm and music within permissible limits before 10 pm.

Meanwhile, a shocking development has come to light. The Anjuna Panchayat in a letter dated 04-01-2024 to Echo Club, Raeeth Club, Pappi Chulo Hostel and Banana Forest stated: “It is seen that restaurant owned by you is not found on Panchayat records hence it is under doubt that the said restaurant runs/operated by you is unauthorised and liable to take action under Section 69 of the Goa Panchayat Raj Act 1994.” 

“It is shocking that clubs are allowed to operate when the Panchayat itself claims that it has no records. Something really fishy is going on and we need an explanation,” says Javish Moniz.

“Further you are directed to submit the permission (if any)  issued by the panchayat along with other relevant documents such as ownership documents, house tax receipt, property documents, Coastal zone management permission”, reads the letter accessed by O Heraldo. 

On the ground in Anjuna, “Blasting music can be heard till 10 pm every day and the volume is lowered thereafter but the parties continue till morning. There are around five six clubs that do not seem to care,” said an aggrieved Rita Ali.

“I am not aware, but will check the veracity of your statement ”,  stated Akshat Kaushal, Superintendent of Police (SP) North Goa. Hours later, Anjuna Police Prashal Naik called up and said: “All clubs shift their music indoors after 10 pm.”

The Anjuna PI, however, could not explain how loud music was being allowed till 10 pm. 

 Eight residents of Gaumwadi and surrounding areas of Anjuna left their residences after 10 pm on Thursday on February 29, 2024 to a nightclub demanding they stop their open air music and returned back to their homes around 2 am on March 1, 2024 after Anjuna Police, for the first time, confiscated equipment as per orders of the Goa Bench of the Bombay High Court at Goa.

“Though the Police did not lodge an FIR after seizing the equipment, I think the purpose of our protest was met because the club concerned has now shifted their parties indoors and we no more get disturbed,” said Agnes D’souza, one of the protestors from Anjuna.

“I know that clubs in Anjuna have stopped playing loud music outside, but I can still hear music coming from Vagator. I personally visited the spots and have some recording which I am going to submit to the SP,” admitted Desmond Alvares who lives in Assagao.

When cops were asked about the return of loud music this is how the conversation went

Akshat Kaushal, SP N Goa: “I am not aware but will check the veracity of your statement”

Hours later, Anjuna Police Prashal Naik called up and said: “All clubs shift their music indoors after 10 pm.”

When asked why music way above permissible decibels was being played before 10 pm, there was no explanation


Iddhar Udhar