23 May 2020  |   06:02am IST

7,200 migrants take 5 trains to UP

Police have a tough time managing the crowd near the Margao railway station; Some good samaritans provide food to passengers
7,200 migrants take 5 trains to UP

Team Herald

MARGAO:The rush by migrants to leave the State continued on Friday with atleast 7,200 leaving for Uttar Pradesh on five trains from Margao railway station.

The massive exercise was carried out by the District Administration with the help of Konkan Railway. People from all walks of life commended the effort of the District Administration staff.

A train going to Mirzapur picked 800 passengers from Margao before proceeding to Karmali station were more passengers were accomodated. Four trains left from Margao to Deoria, Pratapgarh, Mau and Saharanpur. Three with 1628 passengers, one with 1512 passengers and besides another train picked 800 passengers in Margao.

The administration had sent out personalised messages to all selected passengers to make sure that they were notified about their scheduled journey so that they could reach the railway station atleast three hours before the scheduled journey. 

However, some passengers came to the Margao railway station even before the date of their travel. 

The police had a tough time managing the crowd near the Margao railway station. A crowd of over 2,000 migrants gathered on the road leading to the railway station. 

Some good samaritans took it on themselves to make sure that the passengers got food in the afternoon. The Administration provided one meal to the passengers who departed on Friday. 

However, several thousands of passengers were left stranded due shortage of seats. 

The Incident Commander of Covid pandemic, Ajit Panchwadkar said the migrants who were stranded will be accomodated at the Navelim shelter. "Food has been arranged for atleast 5,000 people at the shelter including milk for kids and sanitary napkins for the women who need them," he said. 

The District Administration said, "Many families who are not natives of UP districts too reached the railway Station. Hence, there was shortage on the trains. More trains will be pressed into service to make sure that all reach to their native states".


Iddhar Udhar