Herald: 7.68 lakh sq mt land approved by TCP Board under 16B Amendment

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7.68 lakh sq mt land approved by TCP Board under 16B Amendment

30 Nov 2018 05:57am IST

Report by
Team Herald

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30 Nov 2018 05:57am IST

Report by
Team Herald

Majority of land converted for institution and educational purposes; Sardesai says 16B amendment brought to give justice to Goans whose 7 cr sq metres of land was changed to orchard/NDZ in RP2021

PANJIM: The second sitting of the 163rd adjourned meeting of the TCP Board approved 18 individual cases under the new 16B amendment to the Town and Country Planning Act converting 7,68,364 sq meters of orchard/agricultural land to settlement.

Speaking to the media after the meeting TCP Minister Vijai Sardesai said, “We have given provisional approval for 18 cases under 16B, these were individual cases mostly religious and educational institutions,” he said.

He said the first case was of Padmanabh Shishya Sampraday,  Kundai who had sought zoning change of 1,84,000 sq mt. The second case was of Sadhna Seva Pratishthan, who wanted to build a home for the aged in 3,840 sq mt which was earlier settlement, but was shown orchard later.

Similarly, he added, in Aldona Rosa Mystica Society St Thomas Girls High School wanted zoning change for 6,325 sq mt which TCP board has approved.

“To give justice to Goans who lost 7 cr sq metres of land we have brought 16B amendment,” he said adding “Should this people not get justice. Is the Congress playing politics taking side of Delhiwalas as the land converted to settlement was of outside builders”.

Margao, Ponda draft ODP approved

Sardesai said the draft Outline Development Plan of Margao and Ponda has been approved by the TCP Board. The Draft ODP of Margao has been approved in which 56 new roads and 16 new open spaces which were not in the earlier ODP. 

TCP rules in favour 

of Kala mines

Further, Sardesai said, TCP has ruled in the favour of one Kala Mines, Mapusa, who had appealed to the Board against a municipality order.

“There was an incident that party was given permission initially, the project was in three phases, they built and took occupancy and after that municipality said it was an open space,” Sardesai said adding, “We have decided in favour of the party as this is clear case of breach of trust.” 

TCP show cause to bungalows at Curca

Sardesai said that the TCP Board revoked permission for bungalows next to a church in Curca. “There was this permissions given for two bungalows next to Our Lady of Rosary Church in Curca to Rajesh Ramani and Ramesh Ramani in Survey No 5/1 A and B of Curca village. I conducted an inspection and observed that the there is an age-old church around and the bungalows will cause harm to the church. It would be a clear cut atrocity on church,” he said.

The project has been opposed by the panchayat and keeping that in view we have decided to issue them a show cause notice asking why approval should not be revoked.

“I always said that many projects were controversially approved between November of 2011 and March 20, 2012. 1750 projects were cleared as soon as the Regional Plan was out. This seems to be one of those projects,” he added.

TCP nod to excise

Sardesai said that there was another proposal from the Commissioner of Excise to certify villages to be sufficiently developed as per the Supreme Court bar ban order.

“Our observation is that entire Goa is a City State and the whole State is sufficiently developed. And in this matter actually the bars came before the roads. To protect the Goans we will go to any length and hence we decide to approve this,” he said. 

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