26 Nov 2021  |   06:38am IST

AAP announces ‘Parivartan Yatra’

To organise panchayat wise sabhas in every constituency; Leaders to create awareness on the schemes and guarantees announced by AAP and Kejriwal model
AAP announces ‘Parivartan Yatra’

Team Herald 

PANJIM: Ahead of the upcoming Assembly elections in the State, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) announced its new campaign “Parivartan Yatra”.

Addressing the media persons on Thursday, Valmiki Naik, AAP vice-president said, “As part of this Parivartan Yatra, party leaders will organise panchayat wise sabhas in every constituency; wherein leaders will create awareness on the schemes and guarantees announced by AAP and Kejriwal model.”

“The party will kick-start this campaign from Calangute, Velim and Dabolim from Friday and will cover three constituencies daily. AAP is planning to hold around 300 meetings in the State, ahead of the upcoming polls,’’ he added.

“The BJP and its ‘B’ party Congress are nervous after looking at the responses that AAP received from Goans. While BJP and Congress are busy with pre-election setups, AAP is talking sense and meeting people to understand their problems and working towards finding a solution. On the other hand, the local BJP leaders are unable to handle their campaigns in the State. Therefore, the BJP is sending the national leaders to the State. The national team has been receiving the report from Goa and now they have realised that the BJP will lose the battle in the upcoming elections,’’ Naik said.

The AAP has been campaigning for one-and-half years and recently the party launched a door-to-door campaign. 

“We have seen that people are changing their mind and think AAP is the only alternative. They have realised that Goa needs honest governance and only AAP can provide that,” he said.

AAP leader Amit Palekar said, “These sabhas are organised to connect with the common man. Common people like us were never in politics but seeing the State’s condition many of them joined AAP and pledged to bring about a change in the State.” 


AAP intensifies its door-to-door campaign
PANJIM: Aam Adami Party (AAP) has started intensifying its door-to-door campaign and the party claimed to have been receiving good responses from the people.
AAP had launched its door-to-door campaign in Velim and now the party covered St. Cruz constituency under the leadership of party leader Amit Palekar and in Ponda under the leadership of AAP vice-president Surel Tilve.
Palekar said, “We have received good responses from the people of St. Cruz. They believe the AAP is the only party, who will keep their promises, which AAP has made to the Goans. People have been voting for the BJP and Congress for several years. I urged people to give a chance to AAP this election and witness the change.’’
Tilve said, “If AAP comes to power, the party’s aim will be to serve common man rather than serving the corporate.’’