24 Feb 2021  |   06:10am IST

AAP entry in Surat Municipal Corporation boosts party workers

AAP entry in Surat Municipal Corporation boosts party workers

Team Herald

PANJIM: Aam Aadmi Party’s 27 seats in the Surat Municipal Corporation in its maiden entry in the State has galvanised the party in Delhi and in Goa.

AAP said the victory proves that the people are accepting Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s model of development based politics as the key alternative. Despite being a bastion of the BJP, AAP has performed more than what was expected, the party claimed.

AAP said that National convener Kejriwal, for the past six years, has done tremendous and remarkable work in the fields of education, healthcare, transport, water, electricity and other sectors. 

“When the nation is looking for an alternative nationalistic political ideology then with every State election the Aam Aadmi Party is coming up as an alternative to the Congress and the BJP. The recent Gujarat Municipal Corporation elections are the important or significant example of how AAP is emerging as the key alternative,” AAP sources said.

Gujarat has been a bastion of the BJP, with the voters electing either BJP or Congress. This time they showed tremendous interest in a political alternative, AAP said. “During the campaign for this election, AAP volunteers and leaders reached out to the citizens of Gujarat and talked about the development model of the Kejriwal government in Delhi,” sources said. 

They added, “After the recent election results, it has been proved that the citizens of Gujarat have resonated with the development model of the Kejriwal government. AAP leaders and volunteers have done tremendous groundwork before the election and today the result of that hard work is in front of every person.”

The party is now looking at Goa, where it has got one ZP member. “From Maharashtra to Goa to now Gujarat, AAP is getting tremendous response from the citizens. Which means that the people of India are looking for an alternative political party which is nationalistic in their views and works for the development of the State,” sources said and claimed that the party is the “only one that has worked to provide quality education, affordable healthcare, free electricity which is available 24×7, free water connections, safe travel in the buses for women, CCTV cameras and Wi-Fi across the national capital and in many other sectors.


Iddhar Udhar