20 Sep 2023  |   06:15am IST

ALL CRAP: Waste rides 50 kms from Margao to Saligao

Saligao residents ask, Why should we bear the brunt of waste mismanagement at Margao; Cacora residents also fear waste from the entire South Goa will eventually land up at their municipal area; they feel this will lead to various problems
ALL CRAP: Waste rides 50 kms from Margao to Saligao


MARGAO: Fed up with the garbage being dumped at the Sondoso waste treatment plant unabated, the residents of Saligao and Cacora are now asking why they should only bear the brunt for the mismanagement of the waste at Margao.

The residents and local politicians have expressed their concerns about the huge quantity of wet waste that is being transported to Saligao and Cacora waste treatment plants. They feel that the transportation of garbage from Margao to Saligao and Cacora is not the solution, but just a waste of money and a failure on the part of the Margao Municipal Council (MMC). 

It is pertinent to note that in the absence of no waste treatment facilities and upon the orders of the High Court, a huge quantity of wet waste is being transported from Margao to Saligao and Cacora.

People residing near the vicinity of the waste treatment plant are already facing a tough time because of the stink and now fear more problems if the garbage from Margao continues to be transported over here. 

In a clear message to the MMC and local politicians, Margao resident and architect, Dean D’Cruz said that a separate treatment plant should be set up instead of transporting the waste to the Saligao treatment plant. 

“Transporting the waste to plant at Saligao or any other place is completely wrong from the part of the Margao Municipality. This issue of Sonsodo has been in discussion for the last several decades and still, they are not able to have a plant at the site, despite the huge quantity of waste being generated in the jurisdiction of the civic body,” said Cruz. 

He further claimed that the waste treatment plant at Saligao has already exceeded its capacity and accepting more from outside the taluka will result in big trouble in the near future. 

Saligao MLA, Kedar Naik is also on record that the stench from the plant already affects the people of Saligao, Pilerne and Nerul and bringing additional garbage would worsen the situation. 

Stating that solid waste management at Sonsodo is one of the most serious issues, the High Court had directed the Goa Waste Management Corporation (GWM/C) to start transporting 20 MT of wet waste from Margao municipal area to the Cacora Solid Waste Management plant on daily basis and the directions have been already implemented. 

The Cacora SWM has the capacity to treat 100 tonnes per day (TPD) i.e. 40 TPD dry waste and 60 TPD wet waste; however, citizens of Cacora have expressed their objections to accepting the garbage from Margao. 

Balkrishna Hodarkar, a local leader from Cacora, said that today the waste is coming from Margao, and tomorrow waste from the whole South district will enter the Cacora waste treatment plant. 

He also alleged that people from Cacora have been fooled by the political leaders, pertaining to the waste treatment plant. 

“Initially we were informed that garbage from Quepem, Dharbandora, Sanguem and Canacona will be accepted at the Cacora plant. But, now we feel cheated. Why should the people of Curchorem-Cacora bear the brunt for no fault of theirs?” he questioned. 

Balkrisnha further informed that the assurance given by the political leaders before starting the work of the plant has not been fulfilled. 

“We demanded not to charge for garbage collection. Shockingly, the garbage fee has been increased. Now, with more garbage entering the plant, we fear more problems pertaining to garbage management will arise,” he said. 

Recently, Adv S D Padiyar, representing the MMC at the High Court, said that the daily generation of wet waste within its jurisdiction was about 35 MT. The municipality itself treats 5 Metric tonnes (MT) of wet waste.

“Presently, 30 MT is sent to the Saligao SWM plant as per the order of the Director of Urban Development dated July 11, 2023. 20 MT of wet waste will be sent to the Cacora Solid Waste Management plant and the balance 10 MT will be sent to the Saligao plant,” he said. 


Iddhar Udhar