27 Mar 2023  |   05:52am IST

Activist appeals to solve problems of taximen at Mopa

Activist appeals to solve problems of taximen at Mopa

Team Herald

Pernem: The leader of taxi union Sudip Tamhankar appealed to the Pernem MLA Pravin Arlekar to look into the matter of taximen at Mopa airport.

"The taxi owners who run the service at the airport have taken loans and have to pay their instalments. Advocate General, with the reference to forms given, said in the court that they are waiting for the response from the Pernem locals. How long are they going to wait? The government is making a mockery of the yellow-black taxi owners. When we protested they issued a blue taxi counter. In that case, what is the future of the yellow-black taxi owners? I appeal to MLA Pravin Arlekar to take the issue with the government and give justice to us,” said Tamhankar.

He claimed that the Government itself in the court stated that the applications given for the blue-taxi counter makes no sense. "Arlekar should initiate the registrations as per the Motor Vehicles Act to speed up the process so that the youths who have invested in the taxis by taking loans will get the employment," added Tamhankar.


Idhar Udhar