Herald: Activist files complaint against websites promoting sex in Goa
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Activist files complaint against websites promoting sex in Goa

09 Aug 2018 05:44am IST
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09 Aug 2018 05:44am IST

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MARGAO: Auda Viegas, the convener of Bailacho Ekvott, has filed a complaint at the Margao Police station against online websites that are promoting prostitution in Goa including those using the Basilica of Bom Jesus. 

She stated that the 400-year-old monument, which is a heritage site, is being portrayed as a place for sex. “There is no other thing worse,” she said while explaining that people visit the basilica to experience the historic and cultural significance of Goa.

She stated that a derogatory, denigrating and harmful picture of women in Goa is being projected online. “Looks like Goa is a huge brothel. We can’t allow the sale of sex online. This is where the crimes against women originate,” she stated

She demanded that the government should take a stand and act before men come to Goa and take women from people’s homes. “They are using terms like housewives, schoolgirls, college firsts to promote sex. The trend is very disturbing,” she said.

In a memorandum to the Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, Goa State Commission for Women and Secretary (Home), Viegas demanded that the cases of missing girls in Goa must be handed over to the CBI. She also demanded to know where all the missing women in Goa go.

Referring to Mahanand Naik, she said that one girl from her neighbourhood was missing from 2004 and she was last seen with Mahanand. “I received a letter from the police stating she was not traceable. Her sister went missing too and her body was found,” she said.

“For 14 years no one knew he was a killer. When he was arrested the first time, he was a rickshaw driver and all rickshaw drivers had a morcha in his support,” she said claiming that case was not investigated properly by the police.

In 2004, Auda had organised an interreligious prayer service for 18 missing girls between 1994-2009 since they could have been killed and never got a proper burial.

Auda stated that she submitted the memorandum in the wake of the Ponda murder where a body of a woman was found. “I hope there is no Mahanand growing there, therefore the police should take the matter seriously,” she stated.

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