Herald: Activist granted anticipatory bail

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Activist granted anticipatory bail

16 Feb 2019 06:11am IST
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16 Feb 2019 06:11am IST

Team Herald

MARGAO: The Sessions Court at Panjim has granted anticipatory bail to Rama Kankonkar, an activist and resident of Azzosim who was accused of molestation during a site inspection by a group of villagers in the presence of the police, of an alleged illegal construction.

The complainant, who is an employee of the firm which owns the property, had objected the plea for the anticipatory bail claiming that Kankonkar had defamed her on social media. However, her objection was dismissed since she could not provide any social media post by Kankonkar substantiating her claim.

The police also tried to postpone the matter by asking for more time to investigate the matter but the judge instructed the police not to arrest Kankonkar.

Kankonkar, told Herald that the complainant was referring to an audio conversation between him and the complainant in which the complainant admits that she was acting on the instructions of her employer.

“They think by filing cases against us that they will be allowed to continue their illegal construction, but they don’t realise that our villagers are outraged with these bullying tactics. The whole of Goa now knows this issue and who is behind it,” he said.

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